Teachers Rule

An Airline Worker’s Surprise Reunion With A Teacher Who ‘Saved Her’ Is A Powerful Reminder Of How Important Teachers Are

Grab the tissues.

A flight attendant got emotional when she discovered her favorite teacher was on her flight. Watch t...

Everyone has that one teacher that really, truly changed their lives. An airline attendant had the opportunity to thank the one teacher who made a massive difference in her life 30 years after being her student. Grab the tissues y’all, because this surprise teacher-student reunion is extra sweet.

Lora Caruso, an airline employee for WestJet, took to the plane’s PA system to make a very special announcement once she realized her high school teacher Miss O’Connell was on the flight.

“Today is National Teacher’s Day,” Caruso starts her announcement. “I’m gonna get emotional, but today I saw my teacher from 1990, Miss O’Connell, who’s here on the aircraft and who is my favorite teacher ever. And I haven’t seen here since 1990,” she said, pointing to Miss O’Connell.

“This lady made me love Shakespeare, got me to play piano... I have my master’s in piano and I can write an essay,” Caruso continued, attributing her skills to her former English and music teacher.

“Thank you Miss O’Connell, I love you!” she said before walking down the airplane aisle to give her teacher a big hug.

“You made my day today!” said Miss O’Connell. Caruso then held her teacher’s hand and replied, “You made my life.”

“That’s something!” said the teacher. It really is. The grownup student told her teacher that she loved her once again, and Miss O’Connell replied, “I love you too.”

Watch the adorable surprise student-teacher reunion below:

Caruso told Inside Edition that the surprise reunion was “very emotional” and that the two “both cried a lot.”

“I was in complete shock when I saw her, because she saved me from so much,” Caruso continued. Teachers truly do so much for their students. They don’t only educate on state-mandated curriculum — they also often act as therapists, stand-in parents, nurses, and overall advocates for their students. It’s wonderful to see Miss O’Connell get the recognition she rightfully deserves, but there is so much more we could be doing for the people charged with taking care of future educations.