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Florida School District Warned Students Not To Skip Class For The 'Eras Tour' In The Most Taylor Swift Way Ever

The Superintendent even filmed a video.

Florida school district's witty message went viral, urging students not to skip class for Taylor Swi...
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A Florida Superintendent channeled his inner Swiftie when he sent out a video and written statement to Hillsborough students who were planning to skip school this past weekend for the Taylor Swift concert in Tampa.

Hillsborough Superintendent Addison Davis wrote a lengthy statement using Taylor Swift song titles to make sure his students really got the message that no absences would be approved for Eras Tour related excuses.

By including 27 songs from most of Taylor's albums, Davis hit practically every “era” Swift journeys through during her show.

“There’s a Delicate situation we must discuss. Are you Ready For It? I understand there is a rather big concert taking place in Tampa this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” Davis began.

“In my Wildest Dreams, I never thought I’d be sending a communication saying this, however, This is Me Trying to be the best Superintendent I can be without creating any Bad Blood between myself and our amazing students.”

“Students, You Need to Calm Down. Under no circumstances will Friday be an excused absence because you were having an Enchanted evening under the Starlight at Raymond James Stadium. I understand I am the Anti-Hero here, and Call It What You Want, but You’re On Your Own Kid if you think being a Swiftie is a good excuse for missing important instruction. You know All Too Well you Should’ve Said No to attending a Thursday night concert. Especially one from an artist who is known for putting on a 3-hour amazing show,” Davis wrote in part.

“You may think you're Out of the Woods since it is the fourth quarter, but make no mistake, if you miss an important lesson, you will not be able to Shake it Off. Your report card could be Treacherous because you refused to Stay, Stay, Stay in class. I know, I know, You're Not Sorry for attending such a Gorgeous concert, but I promise you, this is not a Hoax.”

He added by saying, “All You Had To Do Was Stay in class. I hope there is not a Blank Space in your seat on Friday morning. It could be a Cruel Summer if you prioritize being a Swiftie over being in class. You Belong With Me, Me!, in school.”

This hilarious message was not just something that Superintendent Davis was presented with to deliver by some of his younger colleagues. He’s actually a Swiftie himself.

“This was our idea, in Communications.” Davis’ media director Tanya Arja told the Tampa Bay Times. Then she added, “Of course he loves Taylor Swift.”

His love for the mega pop star did bring up a conflict of interest for the district head. Arja said that this message to students was the best way he could think of to show his love for T-Swift but also stay firm with school rules.

“Of course he wants kids in class,” Arja said. “But this is a fun thing. He knows it’s a big thing going on in Tampa this week. It’s just a fun little thing we did.”

While most appreciated the lighthearted message, others responded to the school district’s note with a bit of criticism over the strict nature of the underlying message. “HARD STOP. Kids have had a rough couple of years. I hope they go to the show and have the best night ever,” one user wrote.

“Please don’t. Let kids have a night to be kids. They’ve lost so much in the pandemic; don’t take more away from them. And I say this as an educator. Kids miss school all the time for so many reasons and I always get them caught back up. Life is bigger than the classroom,” another echoed.