they won't let it go

Forget About Being Excited About 'Frozen 3' Because ‘Frozen 4’ Is Now In The Works

Disney CEO Bob Iger made the surprise announcement, so it's pretty legit.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that his team is working on both 'Frozen 3' and "Frozen 4.'

Just nine months after Disney spilled the beans that they were working on Frozen 3 — the next installment after Frozen (2013) and Frozen 2 (2019) — CEO Bob Iger let slip that his team is also already developing Frozen 4.

It seems like they just can’t let it go.

While in Hong Kong for the grand opening of the “World of Frozen” park attraction at Disneyland Hong Kong, Iger somewhat nonchalantly dropped the news in an interview with Good Morning America.

When GMA journalist Michael Strahan brought up Frozen 3, he got way more than he asked for. "I'll give you a little surprise there Michael: Frozen 3 is in the works and there might be a Frozen 4 in the works, too,” he said, emphasizing the might in a playful way. "I don't have much to say about those films right now. But Jenn Lee, who created Frozen — the original Frozen and Frozen 2 — is hard at work with her team at Disney Animation on not one but actually two stories," Iger added.

No one on the GMA set could hold back their oooos and ahhhhs. And honestly, same.

“I gave you a little scoop,” he added, laughing.

The world only just learned about Frozen 3 in February of this year, when Iger announced the new project during a Q1 earnings call. But we know very little about the third installment at this juncture, let alone a fourth movie.

What do we know? We know that some of the film’s biggest stars have confirmed that they are returning, including Josh Gad, the unforgettable voice of Olaf.

Kristen Bell, the voice of Princess Anna, has also made it crystal clear (ice clear?) on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that she’s ready to get the team back together and continue the story.

And the songwriters — who, let’s face it, are the most important people to include here — are also ready to get to work. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez say they are ready to do another one at least.

"They told us, the day of, and a little bit about what they're thinking," the couple said to Collider in March. "It got us very excited. Now, we have to let the wheels of Hollywood do what they do, but we were very excited with their ideas."

The story’s creator, Lee, also dropped at a film festival earlier this year that the next movie is based on “an incredible idea.”

And this is total conjecture, but it feels like from the Iger quotes that Frozen 3 and Frozen 4 are being worked on at least a little bit in tandem, with the talent signing on for both projects at once.

There’s no release date for either movie at this point, thought fans should note that there were a long, cold six years between the first and second installments.

Everyone should also note how amazing “World of Frozen” looks. The attraction opens on November 20 in HongKong and is pretty much just the entire city of Arendelle, except filled with rides, food, and characters from the beloved films. And yes, there’s a sleigh ride. Duh.

“The Frozen franchise is one of the most successful in Disney history and it’s a testament to the power of great storytelling, which is the foundation of The Walt Disney Company,” Iger said in the interview. “It’s been this way for 100 years, and our commitment to storytelling and creativity will continue to define our next 100.”

It sounds like Disney is more than aware that Frozen is one of its biggest assets, so it makes sense that they seem to be doubling down on the movie-making and park additions. And from fan reactions, it seems like millions will follow the franchise into the unknown — and beyond.