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Gina Rodriguez's Husband Is Training To Be Her Doula And It's Awesome

The Jane the Virgin star has the most supportive birth partner in Joe LoCicero.

Gina Rodriguez and Joe Locicero attend the premiere of Lionsgate's 'Five Feet Apart.' The pair is ex...
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Men often get a bad rap for how they act in the delivery room — clueless, annoying, terrified, or fainting are just a few stereotypical images that come to mind. But Gina Rodriguez’s partner Joe LoCicero is going the extra mile to be prepared, knowledgeable, and helpful when the big day comes.

The CW actor shared her birth plans — and her partner’s enthusiasm — in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I'm taking some hardcore prenatal classes, working on that pelvic floor," Rodriguez said. "My husband is training to be my doula. He's really next level."

And they’ve both been watching videos of births.

Gina explains that Joe’s background as an MMA fighter is part of the inspiration for his in-depth birthing training.

“He's a martial artist and so it's basically, you know, he's cornering the fight of my life," she jokes of the impending birth. "I wouldn't call it a fight — I would say, it's like ... me climbing my Mount Everest, and he's gonna corner me for it."

Well, that is both commendable and adorable.

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The couple met on the set of Rodriguez’s hit show Jane the Virgin, where LoCicero played several small roles to Gina’s leading one. They married in 2019 and announced that they were expecting last month, on Gina’s 38th birthday. It will be the first child for both.

Rodriguez went so far as to say, jokingly, that she’s hoping he steps up and takes the leading role in the whole ordeal.

"He's magical," she gushes. "He's definitely the better half, so I'm hoping that he'll just go on in there and pull our baby out."

While she’s played a mom on TV, Rodriguez hasn’t had one of her own. But she’s been wanting to start a family for years, even before she met her partner. During a 2016 appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Rodriguez admitted that she wanted a baby “so bad, I do.”

"But I don't want the whole process; I just want one to arrive, like the stork conversation," Rodriguez added as she laughed. "I could adopt, right? Yeah, I just might do that. I definitely want to adopt."

Welp, it turns out that adoption is not the way the first baby is going down — but at least she’ll have a good man in her corner for “the whole process.”

The world doesn’t have a due date for this arrival, but friends and fans are sending their best to the expecting couple.