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Heidi Klum Does It Again With The Most Hilariously Weird Halloween Costume

She’s been in fittings for the costume since June.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz attend Heidi Klum's 2022 Hallowe'en Party at Cathedrale at Moxy Hotel on ...
Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Model Heidi Klum has been known to throw the biggest Halloween bash of the year with tons of celebrities dressing to the nines in costumes for the event. However, there is typically no one that outdoes the Queen of Halloween — Ms. Klum.

This year, after a two year hiatus, Klum, 45, inched her away along the blue carpet dressed as a very realistic and creepy-looking worm while her husband —Tom Kaulitz — donned a one-eyed fisherman’s costume. The couple have been married since 2019.

Klum’s costume was absolutely ridiculous in the best way, from the curved head of the costume where only Klum’s eyes and mouth were visible to the long curly tail being controlled by what appears to be fishing line.

It appears that Klum also wore colored contact lenses that make her eyes yellow. To get really into character, Klum was seen in a video wobbling and wiggling on the blue carpet and eventually getting down on the ground to do the worm dance move.

Before the big reveal, Klum posted several photos and videos of the “getting ready” process on her Instagram, slowly giving more and more images and footage of the costume to her followers. In one creepy video, she turned her head and stares directly into the camera as the worm. “Almost ready #HeidiHalloween2022,” she wrote.

After the evening ended, Klum shared a bunch of videos clipped together to show the process of becoming the creepiest and grossest worm ever, ending with a clip of her and husband on the blue carpet, swarmed by photographers, kissing in the weirdest couples costume to date.

“So excited to be able to celebrate #HeidiHalloween2022 back in the Big Wormy Apple ... Thank you to the entire @prorenfx team for another unbelievable year. You guys are the best and I love working with you ...” she captioned the video.

If you were questioning her commitment to the perfect Halloween costume, know that the America’s Got Talent judge has been in fittings for the this worm costume since June. Back in June, she started posting about fittings for the October party.

In a black-and-white (probably to not give anything away) clip she posted to Instagram, Klum sat in a chair while a man appeared to scan her body, most likely taking her body measurements for the costume.

Klum set the clip to "This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas to get the theme even farther along. "…..and so it begins #heidihalloween2022," she wrote alongside a series of fun Halloween emojis.

Klum told PEOPLE before the event that her costume was going to be very prosthetics heavy, adding that she might have some issues with the costume’s lack of breathing room.

“I don't think I've ever felt as claustrophobic as I will feel that night," Klum shared. "I have a thing about feeling claustrophobic.”

She added, “Especially if I have too much stuck on me and can't take it off … So I'll have to really breeze through it.”

Klum definitely committed to the costume, despite being uncomfortable, and topped all her previous costumes by a mile — this is how you do Spooky Season.