Pregnant and Proud

Heidi Montag Bares It All In A Stunning Pregnancy Photoshoot

The Hills alum is expecting her second child with husband Spencer Pratt.

Heidi Pratt attends launch party at Stanley Social. “The Hills” alum Heidi Montag showed off her bel...
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Pregnancy can be a wild ride. One minute you’re feeling like an angel on earth — glowing and walking on air. The next minute, you’re 39 weeks with swollen feet, balancing a bowl of Oreos on your stomach. It’s normal not to feel 100% comfortable in your skin during the journey of pregnancy because hello, it takes a huge toll physically, mentally, etc., but when you do feel good — what’s the harm in showing yourself off?

The Hills alum Heidi Montag would say there is no harm at all. The reality TV star recently posed for a pregnancy photoshoot in which some of the photos have her completely nude, showcasing her gorgeous pregnant body.

“Thank you @oxanaalexphotography for capturing this moment of time, embracing the beauty and transformation during #pregnancy,” Montag captioned an Instagram post showcasing a video of her draped in a lilac-colored robe in front of a gorgeous flower wall.

In other photos from the shoot, obtained by Page Six, Montag poses completely nude, only covering her private areas with her hands. In other shot, she uses bouquets of flowers to cover up while showcasing her pregnant stomach.

This is not Montag’s first pregnancy. She and husband, Spencer Pratt, welcomed their son Gunner into the world in 2017. Since then, she has not held back about her struggles to get pregnant again.

In August 2021, Montag underwent a surgical procedure to increase the couple’s chances of conceiving again. She underwent a hysteroscopic polypectomy procedure, in which non-cancerous uterine polyps are removed. “I was feeling nervous last night about it, but I'm excited today," Montag said in a vlog. “And I hoping that the surgery works and that this is the only reason I haven't been able to get pregnant.”

Turns out she may have been onto something because by June 2022, Montag and Pratt confirmed to Us Weekly that they were expecting their second child. “ ... I took my Clear Blue pregnancy test and I saw I was pregnant. I couldn’t even believe it. I was shocked!” Montag told Us. “I was crying. I ran upstairs like ‘Spencer, it says pregnant!’ Gunner was like, ‘Why are you crying? What’s happening?’”

After learning all that The Hills couple went through in order to add to their family, it’s no wonder why Montag wanted to document her pregnant body in all its glory. Wishing her all the best!