Hilaria Baldwin Says Using A Surrogate Doesn't Make Her Any Less Of A Mom

“There are many different ways to become a parent,” The mother of 7 says.

Hilaria Baldwin expresses that she doesn't feel like any less of a mom since using a surrogate for h...
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While Hilaria Baldwin has certainly gained some critics from questionable interviews in years past, she is now shining a light on an important topic: surrogacy. The podcast founder recently opened up about her experience with surrogacy and, ultimately, how she feels society still addresses the use of surrogates.

In the episode “The Sisterhood of Motherhood,” released yesterday on her podcast, Witches Anonymous, Hilaria and co-host Michelle Campbell Mason and guest Michelle Stafford discuss “the stigmas that are thrust upon women when it comes to their journeys to motherhood,” chatting about things like IVF, surrogacy, and blended family dynamics.

“There are many different ways to become a parent, said Baldwin. “I don’t have a difference between my daughter, that was born via surrogacy, and my six other children that I carried.”

Hilaria had her sixth child, Maria Lucia, 20 months old, via surrogacy. She and her husband, Alex Baldwin welcomed their daughter in February 2021, and while she felt that “people assume I’m less of a mom” or that “she’s less of my daughter,” she expressed that Lucia is “just as attached” as the rest of her kids.

“We’re considered to be breeders in many ways — and this is me, who has seven kids — but I understand that the historical connection of women is breeder,” she continues. “And if you cannot breed in the traditional way, or you do not want to breed in the traditional way, people think that they have a right to talk about it.”

She goes on to explain a sense of alienation from society as a result of her choosing surrogacy, saying, “It made me so sad — the feeling of judgment. And on such innocence. They’re questioning whether I should’ve done that, which therefore is questioning whether she should exist.”

She’s right — the public is always looking for what they think is a legitimate reason to use a surrogate, and the reality is you don’t need one.

The former yoga instructor also shared a lengthy post on Instagram about this particular episode and how the topic is so personal to her. Sharing alongside a carousel of sweet family photos and videos, she wrote, “When Marilú was born, I didn’t feel that the world was a safe place for me to share. So many opinions and articles questioning her existence brought me to tears at a time when I was overjoyed with the birth of my daughter. Nearly 2 years later, I’ve done a lot of healing work and am committed to speaking up, sharing our beautiful story, and fighting ignorance.”

“There are some that are committed to misunderstanding, there are those who choose to judge if they don’t get it, there are those who are afraid to ask because they know our world is shut down by fear of saying the wrong thing and offending, and then there are those who welcome love in all its different shapes and sizes. You won’t offend me with your questions, so bring them,” she added in her post.

We can’t relate to one another unless we are honest and transparent, so kudos to Hilaria for opening up the conversation.