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Hilary Duff And Her Family Definitely Win Funniest Celebrity Holiday Card

Duff went a different route than traditional smiling faces and color-coordinated outfits.

Hilary Duff shared her hilarious family holiday card on Instagram that features Duff and her husband...
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Have you sent out your holiday cards yet? If you change the phrasing to “Happy New Year!” then you still have plenty of time! However, if you’re on top of it like actor and singer Hilary Duff, then you not only got them out on time, but you executed a well-conceived concept.

The How I Met Your Father actor went an entirely different route than your run-of-the-mill holiday card, and the result is so good — she pretty much summed up what the chaos of parenthood can feel like in one hilarious photo, while also keeping the holiday spirit alive.

On the card, Duff, and her husband Matthew Koma, both 33, are tied up with Christmas lights with tape over their mouths, essentially being held hostage while their kids eat off a delicious looking tray of cupcakes and laugh at their parent’s tricky situation.

How did they get all tied up like that? Who’s to say?

Duff and Koma share daughters Banks Violet, 4, and Mae James, 1, along with Duff's son Luca Cruz, 10, from her first marriage to professional hockey player, Mike Comrie.

The phrases "Happy Holidays" and "All Is Not Calm" are printed at the bottom left and right corners of the card.

With a blended family and a bunch of different last names, it can be tough to decide what to actually use as a send off in a card and how to avoid any awkwardness. Duff had no trouble, though. The return envelope says: “A Duff Some Bairs and a Comrie.” Perfect.

One fan commented on how much this type of greeting meant to her. “The way I love how you included everyone's last name. Growing up, I was the only family member with a different name so every card that was addressed to "the (insert fam's last name here)'s", I always felt so left out lmao,” they wrote.

The same day the former Lizzie McGuire star shared her family’s holiday card also happened to be Duff and Koma’s three-year wedding anniversary. She posted a tribute to their love on Instagram, noting what an amazing partner Koma is.

“Matthew. I love you so much. Happy 3 years! I don’t know if you knew what you were getting into or that you weren’t going to sleep or sit down for the next 5-10 years but I think for the most part you’re pretty happy about it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Our life is so full and I’m over the top grateful for the guy that I got to do all this madness with.”

Koma shared his own heartfelt love note to Duff on his own Instagram, noting that marriage might be tough, but there is no one else he’d rather do it with. What a family filled with fun and love.