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Jessica Simpson Posted A No-Makeup Selfie On Her 43rd Birthday

And of course some people showed up to argue whether she was being truthful or not.

Jessica Simpson is 43! And she posted a no-makeup selfie to celebrate the day.
Randy Holmes/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

It seems like just yesterday we were all watching Newlyweds and singing along to “I Wanna Love You Forever.” And yet singer and businessperson Jessica Simpson has grown up before our eyes, and celebrates turning 43 this week.

The mom of three let loose on Instagram, sharing a makeup-free photo of herself reaching the milestone.

“43 makeup free,” she captioned, adding, “(kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes).”

In the picture, she has her hair pulled back, wearing hoop earrings, and a simple necklace — and she’s sporting a toothy smile and looking directly at the camera.

Also-famous sister Ashlee Simpson celebrated in the comments, writing, “Happy Birthday my beautiful sister love you so very much ❤️.”

“HAPPY BORNDAY JESSICA,” wrote singer Kelly Rowland.

Some of the other comments, though, questioned her no-makeup (except for lash curling) claim.

“You look lovely, but please don’t lie about not wearing makeup! You can see the clumpiness of your mascara. It’s irresponsible to put this message out there, as many in the comments are wondering why they don’t look this way makeup-free.” one person wrote.

“Beautiful as always but not makeup free in this photo,” another wrote. “Choosing makeup or no makeup is fine…just be honest about it, especially for the young, impressionable fans.”

Of course, it’s unclear if Simpson is makeup free or not — injections, skin treatments, and brow and lash tinting could be the secrets behind a no-makeup look looking this fabulous, and celebs can easily fund them.

She’s far from the first celeb to come clean, be free, and post no-makeup pictures on Instagram, especially around their birthdays.

Drew Barrymore shared a no-makeup look on Instagram for her 47th birthday.

And Jennifer Love-Hewitt shared her own makeup-free selfie for her 44th.

And Jennifer Lopez also shares lots of pics of what she looks like in the morning.

Especially in a world where social media can hurt our self-esteem and the self-esteem of our kids, seeing celebs get real in these pictures is so important — and for A-list women to show off their natural looks on their birthday is always a breath of fresh air.