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John Stamos Is Glad He Is An Older Dad

"I'm very grateful to the gods or to the universe or whatever that I'm an older father. I couldn't have handled it earlier.”

John Stamos with his 4-year-old son Billy. The 'Full House' actor just revealed that he was glad tha...
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To any millennial parent, John Stamos will forever and always be the cool and dreamy Uncle Jesse from Full House and now Fuller House. But now, Stamos is staying focused on his favorite role to date: being a dad. The actor shares 4-year-old son Billy with his wife Caitlin McHugh.

"I'm very grateful to the gods or to the universe or whatever that I'm an older father. I couldn't have handled it earlier," Stamos told TODAY Parents. Billy was born in April 2018 when Stamos was 54 years old.

"I’ve wanted kids my whole life. I figured, ‘I can’t wait to be a father, I’ve been a TV father,' but it’s a whole different ballgame," he added, laughing. “It’s the greatest blessing of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, but it is challenging to do it right.”

In the height of his Fuller House fame, Stamos feels like he wouldn’t have been in the right place to raise kids of his own, saying that he “would not have been mature enough” to raise his son.

"It just takes so much to be a good parent," he said. "It's about sacrifice, it's an enormous amount of love, an enormous amount of patience, common sense, teaching them values and what's right and wrong... and everything's expensive." Yeah, you can say that again!

Stamos also revealed that he and McHugh want to give Billy a sibling. “We want to,” he said when asked if he wanted more children. “We should.”

The Full House actor has been keeping busy with new projects, namely ones that will impress his kid. "I've been trying to get Billy to think I was cool since he was two months old," he said, saying that his son did not seem impressed by anything his dad did, including touring and playing with the Beach Boys over the summer.

But finally, Stamos has earned his son’s stamp of approval; he voices Iron Man in the upcoming second season of the Disney Junior show Spidey and His Amazing Friends. "Now he thinks I'm cool. Now he runs around telling everyone, 'My dad's going to be on 'Spidey!'" Stamos said. "Finally!" The second season is set to premiere August 19, which also happens to be Stamos’ birthday. Here’s hoping Uncle Jesse gets his birthday wish of being his son’s hero (which, by the looks of it, he already is).