Royal Changes

Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Giving Up Their Live-In Nanny

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided don’t have room in their new house for her full-time help.

Britain's Catherine and  Prince William, Duke of Cambridge stand with their children, Prince Louis o...

With the busy schedule the royal family follows — and their income — it makes sense that Kate Middleton and Prince William would hire someone to help with the caring of their three children, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4.

The family’s long-time nanny — Maria Borrallo — has been by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's side since Prince George was 8 months old, including living with them to be there day and night for the children. However, now that Middleton and the family have decided to make the move to a smaller home, there is no room for a live-in nanny.

According to People, when the family makes their move from Kensington Palace in London to their new home in Windsor, there will be only enough bedrooms to house the immediate family. The new home, Adelaide Cottage, which is on the Queen's Windsor estate, only has four bedrooms, and if each child gets their own bedroom, there will not be enough space for Borrallo to live with the family.

However, don’t panic, that doesn’t mean she’s completely out of the picture.

The royal couple is keeping Borrallo on as the children's full-time caretaker, but the Spanish-born nanny will be expected to live at another property alongside other staff members like their housekeeper.

Maria Borrallo.

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It’s no wonder that the royal family want to keep Borrallo around after their downsize. Her credentials are nothing to scoff at. According to Hello!, Borrallo attended England's Norland College in Bath, which is known for producing top-rate nannies. The College has a focus on early years education and training, offering an intensive academic degree and skills-based diploma program.

Once she was hired by the royal family, she became trained in martial arts, antiterrorism techniques, and defensive driving against the paparazzi. So not only can she change a diaper and tutor in math, she can also take down a threat to the family with some martial arts.

The move to a smaller space without Borrallo living with the kids marks a new era for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children. According to People, William and Kate are trying to encourage as normal a life as possible for their kids. The royal couple want to be more involved in their kids’ lives, taking on the more “normal” aspects of parenthood, like school drop-offs, bath time, and family dinners. How quaint!