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The Kelce Family Went To Disney World & Shared All Their Top Tips

This video is literally the best thing you'll watch today.

The Kelce family headed to Disney and shared their top tips for visiting amusement parks.
NFL / TikTok

As if the world needed another reason to love the Kelce family, the NFL provided yet another in case there were any doubters left. During a recent trip to Orlando to play in the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl, Jason Kelce and his family stopped at Disney World.

NFL cameras followed the group as they made their way through the Magic Kingdom, providing some hilarious and insightful commentary about traveling to an amusement park with kids.

“How's it going, everyone? We're here at the NFL Pro Bowl. But more importantly, we're here at the wonderful Walt Disney World,” Jason began in the video. “We're the Kelce family, and we couldn't be more excited to hang out here for a little bit and enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.”

When asked who is the biggest Disney fan of the bunch, Kylie Kelce — Jason’s wife and mom to their three kids, Wyatt (4), Elliotte (2), and Bennett (11 months) — chimed in with the answer. She revealed that Jason’s mom, Donna Kelce, is their resident Disney expert.

Donna, who is actually a Disney World season pass holder, proudly holds up her wristband and says with a smile, “I’m a pass holder!”

The family is then paid a visit by Disney royalty as the Kelce girls say hello to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

“What's up, Minnie? How are we doing? My goodness, it's so good to see you,” Jason said.

When asked about what Jason and Kylie would say is their top recommendation for parents traveling to an amusement park with their kids, Kylie immediately joked, “Have a Mama Kelce!”

But seriously, Kylie is onto something. If parents can swing it, bringing a couple of grandparents along for extra help is a game-changer for a pleasurable amusement park experience. It also doesn’t hurt if they’re a Disney expert pass holder!

Jason added some words of wisdom, noting that parents need to lower their expectations for big trips like Disney.

“This is a team experience. You can't come in with too much of a plan to go with the flow of what these little monsters are doing,” he said.

The video then cuts to Kylie and Jason trying to hype up four-year-old Wyatt to ride the teacups to which she refuses.

“She's an opinionated toddler, and that is so much fun!” Kylie exclaims sarcastically.

After riding the teacups and nomming on some churros, Jason gives the rundown of how to properly and efficiently taste test just about every snack Disney World has to offer.

“Ice cream, pretzel, you gotta keep your eyes open,” he says before riding Big Thunder Mountain with Donna. The two squeal with delight as the rollercoaster flies the mother-son duo around the track.

“Thank you guys so much for coming along. Tune in next time for some more Kelce family favorites,” Kylie says at the end. There’s surely something so comforting about knowing that even the family of the moment has toddler struggles. TikTok commenters agreed with this sentiment.

“The pushing the stroller while carrying the toddler is the most relatable thing 😂,” one user said.

Others pointed out how relatable it is to bring a kid all the way to Disney only to have them refuse to ride anything. “Wyatt said I am here for the snacks not the rides & like same Wyatt same 😅,” another wrote.

Others were just here for the Donna Kelce content, noting that she truly does give off major Disney pass-holder vibes in the best way possible.

“Omg! Donna & Jason in the front car! That's the content we need,” one user wrote.

“Love that Kylie and mama kelce have a great relationship,” another noted.

Another joked, “Hi🙋🏽‍♀️ Is this the queue for Momma Kelce chaperone?” Get behind me, lady!