Christmas Cheer

Kelsey Grammer And Daughter Spencer Set To Star In A Lifetime Holiday Movie

The duo filmed a Christmas special, The 12 Days Of Christmas Eve.

Kelsey Grammer and daughter Spencer will star in holiday Lifetime movie this Christmas.
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We are approaching Mariah Carey season; can you feel it?! Lifetime just announced its 2022 holiday season lineup, and it’s definitely getting me in the Christmas spirit. Among the list is a movie starring Kelsey Grammer and his daughter Spencer Grammer, and they will be playing father-daughter roles in the film, 12 Days of Christmas Eve.”

I think I already know the entire plot just by the title, and honestly, would I want it any other way?

If you guessed a series of redo realities on the night of Christmas eve, you’re right on target. The movie follows Brian Conway (Kelsey Grammer), a successful businessman who puts family last. He’s divorced, he has a bad relationship daughter Michelle (Spencer Grammer), Deadline reports.

When he’s in a car accident on Christmas Eve, he gets 12 chances to try his day again and, yep, find the true meaning of Christmas.

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“I cannot say enough about how gifted my daughter is, and working with her is long overdue. I am very much looking forward to it,” the “Frasier” star shared. “On top of that, there is nothing I like more than a good Christmas movie. With Lifetime, Spencer, and the rest, that is exactly what we’re making.”

“Kelsey and Spencer joining It’s a Wonderful Lifetime for this new movie really makes it a real family affair and is a great reminder of what the holidays are all about,” shared Tanya Lopez, EVP for Scripted Content for Lifetime.

The concept for the film was actually created by Grammer’s production company, Grammnet NH Productions, who worked in collaboration with Lifetime to bring the project to reality.

Spencer, 39, who has been acting since she was a child, first appearing on Cheers, is most notably known for her role as “Casey” in the ABC Family Show Greek and is currently filming new episodes for her character Summer Smith in the adult cartoon show Rick and Morty.

The actress recently shared snippets of her recording process for her character in the studio, captioning it, “Some attempts at sleeping suggestions…” the show is currently in its fourth season.

Dad Kelsey has also been busy at work, as he has just recently announced the revival of the famed show, Frasier earlier this month, which will be airing on Paramount Plus. The show wrapped in 2004 and has since then visited many revival scripts that never stuck until now. Though the pilot has not confirmed the number of episodes or release date, it has been officially “green-lit” by the production company, and Grammer will officially reprise his role as Dr. Frasier Crane.

Now the pair are adding holiday cheer to their resume!

The It’s A Wonderful Lifetime holiday lineup will premiere this November on Lifetime.