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Khloé Kardashian Says “Only Tropical Vacations” Count As Vacations

“It’s not a vacation when you have to take kids to a cold place,” the reality TV star tweeted.

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Any non-celebrity (or uber wealthy) parent knows that there is no such thing as a “vacation” when you’re traveling with kids. Those moments are usually downgraded to a “trip.” You’re still parenting, just maybe you’re at Niagara Falls while you’re doing it.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of full-time nannies or caregivers to come along for the trip so we parents can pretend that we’re childless for a moment or two. Reality TV star Khloé Kardashian goes on vacations with her kids, but she’s definitely not going anywhere cold.

The Kardashians star tweeted back a fan who asked the Good American co-founder, “What's your dream vacation that you want to take with the babies?”

Kardashian, mom to daughter, True, and an infant son born via surrogate in August 2022, went on to explain that she’s only up for going to places with warm climates.

“In my opinion, vacations are only tropical places,” she revealed. Kardashian explained that she doesn’t want to deal with the annoying task of bundling up the kids in a cold climate (like millions of us do with our kids everyday during winter months!).

She says that it’s just not a vacation when the kids have to be cold.

“... it's not a vacation when you have to take kids to a cold place and bundle them up,” she said. “And then one of them has to pee and you have to take off all their layers etc.,” she noted, before concluding, “so any place tropical.”

Well, under that logic, a lot of people have never really been on a vacation before.

While she’s onto something about having to bundle kids up just to have them come inside ten seconds later after making one snow angel, she seems to be a little out of touch here, right? First, to even have the opportunity to travel with kids anywhere is something many cannot make a reality either due to busy schedules or financial ties.

Second, let’s not pretend that a member of one of the wealthiest and most famous families in the world is not toting around three nannies and tons of child support while traveling. Do we really think she’s the one who would be taking the winter clothes off her kid to go pee? I have my doubts. Others on Twitter seem to agree.

One Twitter user pointed out that Kardashian sounded “sheltered.” Though, “privileged” is probably a more appropriate term. “...Many kids grow up in cold environments, learn how to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, cross country..and it’s their vacationland! They don’t have to leave their backyard.” they wrote back.

“Easy to say when you are filthy rich,” another commented.

Let’s hope that Kholé understands how fortunate she is to be in a position to even have a preference over which type of place to take her family on vacation.