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Kid Mercilessly Reviews His Mom’s Half Marathon Performance At School Share Time

“She did not pee or poop her pants,” the child proudly told his class.

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Children are nothing but honest, and sometimes that honestly is about you and it’s shared with their entire fourth grade classroom. TikTok influencer Ashley Desanno shared the hilarious account of her nine-year-old son reviewing her performance in a half marathon — and it was so relatable, and a little bit gross, that the video quickly began trending.

The video begins with Desanno explaining that his son was participating in a school activity called the “weekend news,” where kids share what they did the previous weekend. “Sometimes there's a really cute little gem in there,” she says, “like, 'I ate pizza with my mom,' and it makes my heart happy.”

But Desanno’s kid did not share a cute gem.

“Well, this week, you know what it said? My mom ran a half marathon. She did very well...for old people. The bigger victory is she did not pee or poop her pants.”

The mom of two jokingly shared with Today that Durham is “the type of kid who doesn't use his folders,” so when she found the loose paper in his backpack, she had to read it.

“I read it and was like, 'Well, this is fantastic. His teacher saw this, and he definitely read this to the people at his table.”

Desanno has run 11 marathons and dozens of half marathons. And as a mom of two, she is all too familiar with the enormous victory of running a race without soiling yourself.

"They know that every run I pee a little," she said of her kids. "Every woman who has had a vaginal birth is going to pee her pants, especially if you’re over 40. The second I come home from a run, I have to change my shorts and pants."

And one of the reasons she has such a following on social media is because she normalizes what it’s like to exercise and compete as a middle-aged mama.

This is not the first time that Durham has commented publicly on her running, specializing in subtle burns. On another occasion, he reported to the class about his mom’s marathon running, with Desanno in the room. And while he was trying to compliment her, it went off the rails rather quickly.

Durham started off well, saying, “That’s my mom; she broke three hours at the marathon; it was her goal for eight years. Shed tried ten times. That is my mom.”

Ashely felt really good about his opening statement, saying she felt he was hyping her up. However, then came the dreaded “but,” to which Durham shouted to the back of the classroom for his mom to confirm some facts, adding things like, “You were like in thousandth place, right mom?” and “So you did not win? But for over 40-year-old women, you did awesome, right?”

Despite these very special and very public moments at school, Desanno is all about keeping it real with both her kids and her online following: your biggest goals take hard work, and sometimes that means you’re going to poop your pants. And that’s okay.

"I think normalizing for your kids that life just happens and we keep going," she told Today. "Women are so hesitant to being really open about talking about things. Everybody poops and everybody cries and everybody has negative thoughts about themselves. It's important to normalize how hard it is."