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A Grandmother’s Unhinged Baby Tooth Tradition Has The Internet Rolling

Sorry Tooth Fairy, but the Linkhart family is keeping their baby teeth, and they will be displayed for eternity.

A boy smiling and showing his missing teeth. A woman recently shared her husband's family's lost too...

What do you do with all those precious but slightly creepy little baby teeth you collect from your kids as the Tooth Fairy? Put them away in a drawer, throw them away, tuck them in the baby book? Well, the Linkhart family found an original solution, and it is a heirloom idea that is truly... one of a kind.

Claire Linkhart, 36, of Ohio, recently shared a video on TikTok recounting when she discovered a wooden beaver statue in her now husband’s childhood home — decked out with his real-life baby teeth.

“We’ve been married 12 years, and I will never truly recover from this discovery,” she captioned the post.

Claire discovered the custom art fixture while in her husband’s childhood bedroom, sharing with TODAY Parents, “I was completely speechless; how could such a treasure be hidden from our relationship?”

The cute beaver wasn’t a standalone either. There were beavers for both her husband, Rob, and his brother, Adam. She later found out that the pieces were actually commissioned by their grandmother over a decade ago.

In the video, which is a carousel of photos, each beaver is adorned with toothy smiles; Adam’s even has a whole set of bottom teeth. Both Beavers are fixed on a wooden platform with a simulation of each beaver chomping on wood.

“My husband’s late grandmother had them made at a craft fair,” she said. “I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I know she was a really special lady.”

Yes, that obviously seems to be the case.


The video quickly went viral, receiving 6.6 million views to date and over 8,500 comments.

“I am so new to TikTok, especially on the ‘creator’ side,” she told TODAY. “I still have no idea how to use half of the features. I threw that video together more to make myself laugh.”

And the comments are just as funny as the beaver statues.

“I would fight for these at an estate sale,” one commenter wrote about the heirlooms.

Another wrote, “The way that I would save only these if my house was on fire.”

Honestly, same.