That vibrato though

This Toddler Singing Along To 'Disney On Ice' Is Everything

This four-year-old went viral on TikTok and is basically completely ready for Broadway.

I hope Broadway is ready because there’s a tiny performer coming their way, and she’s already made a name for herself on the internet. Four-year-old Olive is singing her heart out to your favorite Disney classics, and her mom Shelby is recording every second of it.

On October 4th, the mom shared a snippet of Olive enjoying “Disney on Ice,” and the video went viral — for good reason — with over 18 million views and just under 40k comments.

The theatrical toddler was shown singing along to the song “I'll Make a Man out of You,” written by Donny Osmond and featured in the Disney classic film Mulan.

“Not my toddler being more entertaining than Disney on Ice,” her mom captioned the post.

Olive is shown wearing a cowboy costume hat from the Disney character ‘Jessie the cowgirl’ in Toy Story, while singing every word confidently and with impeccable range. She even looks straight into the camera and gives more performance, with her fist in the air and her face scrunching with each inflection.

Her virbrato is out of this world.

A magnificent performance, all while casually chomping on some popcorn in the stands between notes. Hero.

“Wow, what a passionate performer and amazing singing!” one person commented. Others shared similar sentiments, saying, “She’s the main character!! Love it,” and, “Get her into Broadway asap.”

If you’re wondering if this is only a performance by Olive, don’t worry — her mom Shelby has got you covered! The influencer, who has over 56k followers, is always sharing her passionate performances, and honestly, I still can’t get over how GOOD she is.

After this clip went viral, she shared a timeline of some of her favorite Olive performance moments.

How are her acting skills, you ask? Well, she’s got that too. Her mom also shared a video with the caption, “My 4-year-old invited me in her room to watch her show...,” where Olive is performing a show tune from “Lion King 2” in full character.

After her dramatic final note, Shelby shouts, “Wow, get ready, broadway, here she comes!”

It doesn’t feel like an exaggeration, either.

She’s even got the attention of mega influencer ‘Cost N’ Mayor,’ who commented, “A STAR IS BORN.”

In the words of another follower, I have to admit, “I am her biggest FAN.”