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Kieran Culkin’s Potty Mouth Has Rubbed Off On His Kids, And It's So Relatable

The 'Succession’ star ran through the four responses parents can have when their kid swears.

Kieran Culkin admits it's hard to not swear in front of his kids.

The cool Culkin brother (sorry, Macaulay, you had your time), Kieran Culkin, stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday to dish on all things Succession, and the actor also had some stories to share about fatherhood. While he admits that the show is asking to keep most of the juicy details of the new season under wraps, he did bless us with a story even his wife didn’t know about.

According to the cast of his show, Culkin is hands down the biggest cusser of the group, and when asked if that ever gets hard to ‘turn off,’ Kieran admits that his kids repeat swear words frequently because of it.

“I never had a filter since I was a kid. I had a tutor when I was nine years old, who I remember cursing in front of, and she said, ‘don’t [stop yourself], it’s just a word, say whatever you want.’ So I just said all the words, and she said, ‘that’s great.’ So from the age of nine, I feel like I have been conditioned to just meh,” he explains while gesturing that he lets it out all out.

He then segued into a story about his daughter, Kinsey Sioux, 2, that even his wife is unaware of, but that he thought it would be, “kind of a fun way for her to find out.”

He shared that he was recently preparing oatmeal with Kinsey and his son Wilder Wolf, who’s coming up on his first birthday, and that he let a cuss slip while in mid-thought.

“As I am making [the oatmeal], I just start thinking of something at work that I could’ve done better, and I just go, ‘f—k,’ to which Kinsley replied, ‘Daddy, what f—k is?’” Culkin shared.


As every parent in this situation would do, he explains his thought process in reviewing the various options he could’ve responded with, which is naturally, ignore it, laugh at it, or address it maturely. His first instinct was to ignore it, then redirect her with a treat.

“I had two or three options: ignore it and then give her a f—king peach, which is what I did. Then there was my instinct, which was to laugh my ass off. But then that encourages. And then there was the good parenting thing, which was to take a knee and explain to her that that was a bad word that daddy said and you shouldn’t do it. But I know my daughter and she would have one in the chamber at all times, knowing I can drop a f—k at any point and ruin your day.”

“So when she’s older, she’s going to associate that word with getting a treat,” asked Colbert.

“Yes,” he responded. “I’m learning a lot today.

To which Stephen sarcastically said, “Father of the year.”

If that’s what it takes to be father of the year, there are a lot of fathers of the year out there.