A Parent's Nightmare

Kim Kardashian Relays How Her Son Saint Found An Ad For Her Alleged Sex Tape

The business mogul shared her gut-wrenching reaction with Kanye in the premiere of her new Hulu series.

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The Kardashians made its official premiere on Hulu today, and the first episode reveals explosive news no parent wants to experience. The show is the first glimpse into the family's life since the last season of their original show, and fans witnessed a distraught Kim minutes into the first scene, as she recalls how her eldest son Saint, 6, discovered an ad on Roblox for her long-ago sex tape with ex Ray J.

“Had my son been a little bit older and had been able to read, I’d a been mortified,” she said.

During a family get-together, Saint brought his iPad to Kim saying that there was an ad with her face on it. She was horrified to find out that the ad was promoting “unseen footage” of the two-decade-old sex tape, which Ray J’s alleged manager is threatening to release.

The reality star turned business mogul had the original sex tape leaked backed in 2007. The release of the video paved the way for the original reality series the world came to know and love, Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the same year.

Regardless of the choices we make as adults, no parent should have to be haunted by events that took place eons before motherhood. Though Kim was prepared to one day have real discussions with her kids about her past at some point, it’s shocking that it would come up in an ad in a video game so early in her son’s life.

The viral video game platform Roblox is targeted at gamers ages eight to twenty years old. it claims on its website that there are parenting controls available for children under thirteen and age verification for ages thirteen and over — but it’s tough to say how this affects ad content.

Kim wasted no time in addressing her issues directly with Roblox, getting her legal team on it with mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe. She discussed her rights over the phone with her lawyer, stating “I’m not doing anything wrong. I am protecting myself for my reputation and my children's sake.”

The mom of four breaks down in tears as she talks with Kanye about the scary reality that her children can continue to be subjected to explicit headlines. Despite their rough break-up, West understood the assignment, and reassured her that nothing can break her by saying, “You know who you are.”

The Kardashian-West family aren’t the only ones who are hoping to squash any resurfacing, as Ray himself has shared similar sentiments in a recent podcast interview, “This needs to stop. I also have kids.”

Even if you don’t have a famous sex tape in your past, you might find empathy for any mom who has to fight for privacy after she’s learned from her mistakes and moved on.