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Here’s What Kris Jenner Said When Asked If She’s OK With Her Kids Starting Families Out Of Wedlock

The momager was recently interviewed on Martha’s Stewarts podcast and opened up about how her views have changed.

Kris Jenner Opens Up About Kardashians Having Kids Outside Marriage: I ‘Never Would’ Judge.
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The Queen of the Kardashian Clan recently sat down with Martha Stewart on her podcast, The Martha Stewart Podcast, where the lifestyle powerhouse interviews “fascinating people from all walks of life,” who “inspire and intrigue” her. Yesterday's episode featured Kris Jenner, and the two chatted on a wide array of topics, from her entrepreneurial endeavors to mom life and hilarious Hollywood happenings.

Jenner recounted her family’s rise to stardom with their original show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and how they ultimately decided to return to television with their latest series, The Kardashians.

When Stewart asked, “So how does it feel when your girls getting are out there getting pregnant by different men who are not their husbands?” Kris was as supportive as they come, saying “There’s nothing that I would judge. Not at all. I mean, I just never would. I’m here for them. They know that.”

She continued, explaining she’s “more and more understanding” of her family’s choices as time goes on. “I’ve been through so many things in my life that hindsight is very important,” she added.

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Though Jenner has grown to respect the paths her children have taken, she does admit she took the more traditional route when it came to motherhood, admitting “I had Kourtney nine months, two weeks and two days [after my wedding], I promise I got pregnant on my honeymoon. … I’m very old-fashioned.”

She joked that back then, it was about being proper, meaning marriage was expected before kids, especially with a “big Armenian family,” that definitely had eyes on her. However, now, with so many generations in her family growing up and out of traditions, she said that she had to accept the cycle of life’s seasons and evolution.

“Because I learned so much along the way that I knew nothing about before. … I embrace what is in front of me. I think that I am easy once I understand it,” she added.

Jenner is a mom to six children and 11 grandchildren, there’s bound to be at least one of them that goes against the grain, am I right?