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Listen Up 'Love Is Blind' Fans: After The Altar Season 2 Is Coming

The show will premiere Sept. 16 on Netflix, and yes, there will be drama.

'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' will premiere Sept. 16 on Netflix, following Season 2 couples after...

Netflix may have its issues (streaming cancellations and corporate layoffs), but there is one thing that the popular streaming service gets right, and that is the pure perfection of their reality dating show, Love Is Blind. For two seasons, Love Is Blind has taken viewers on a wild ride by asking one question: Can a marriage last when you barely know your spouse? Oh, and after you got engaged without ever seeing one another?

Last season ended with two of the couples actually tying the knot. Other pairs were trying to just date and take it slow, while some completely called it quits. The season did include a reunion episode that helped tied up some loose ends, but what about after the cameras stopped rolling? If the teaser trailer Netflix just dropped is any indication; some drama ensued.

The trailer gives viewers snippets of the Love Is Blind cast members giving updates on where their relationships stand post-filming.

Deepti Vempati, completely over certified villain Shake Chatterjee, seems to be interested in fellow cast member Kyle Abrams while Mallory Zapata is having a hard time letting go of Salvador "Sal" Perez.

In a surprise to no Love Is Blind fan, Shaina Hurley, Shane Jansen and Natalie Lee seem to be, once again, caught in a weird love triangle.

Jansen and Lee did not get married, but seemed to be on and off after filming with Hurley still in the mix. “Natalie is telling everybody that she found really inappropriate messages between me and you,” Shaina tells Shane in the teaser.

In another scene, it seems apparent that marriage has been anything but smooth sailing for Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones. The two married at the end of the season, but was that a mistake? Current events would point towards yes.

“Marriage is not easy. If anybody tries to tell you it is, that's a lie,” Jones says in the trailer.

Jones and McNeely announced their decision to divorce on Instagram. “After much thought, we're saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing," the statement began. "While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that's okay,” the post read.

The only other couple to get married — Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson — are also breaking up with Danielle filing for divorce from Nick. With the news of both these marriages dissolving, it will be interesting to see what led up to the couple’s decisions to separate.

Netflix hasn’t released how many episodes this After the Altar spin will be, but if it’s like Season 1 of the show, it will be three 45-minute sessions of romance mayhem.

Love Is Blind: After the Altar premieres Sep. 16. on Netflix.