Nostalgia Alert

McDonalds Is Bringing Back The Pokémon Happy Meal For A Limited Time

Gotta catch 'em all (before the scalpers do!)

A Pikachu Happy Meal box that comes complete with everything a fan needs to play the TCG are coming ...
McDonald's / Pokémon

Last year, McDonald’s released a limited run of Pokémon-themed Happy Meals that featured exclusive cards for its trading card game (TCG) to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary. Children were stoked on the Happy Meals, but so were nostalgic collectors and scalpers looking to make a quick buck. Fans who missed the limited-run are in luck though, as the fast food chain is bringing back the popular limited edition Happy Meal.

Like the 2021 run, these limited edition Pokémon Happy Meals come in a too-cute yellow Pikachu box. The Happy Meal Match Battle boxes will be available in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada through mid-September 2022 and offers fans “one more way to experience the Pokémon Trading Card Game with Match Battle,” according to the official Pokémon product announcement.

Each box comes complete with a 4-card booster pack (each of which contains one covetable foil card), a game instruction sheet, 1 coin, 1 spinner, and of course, the adorable Pikachu box.

“You can find Pokémon friends like Pikachu, Rowlet, Gossifleur, and more, and send them into a match of coin flipping, spinning, and fun with numbers. The last Trainer with a Pokémon in play gets to claim victory,” reads the press release.

This time around, McDonald’s says that it will be limiting the number of Happy Meals per customer to make sure that fans can have a fair chance at catching ‘em all.

“Fair ordering policy applies to the Happy Meal® featured on this page. McDonald’s has issued the following guidance to its restaurant managers under that policy: Any customer must purchase one or more Happy Meals before becoming entitled to purchase an additional toy in the same transaction and only 1 additional toy is allowed per transaction regardless of the number of Happy Meals bought,” reads an official statement from the fast food chain.

When McDonald’s made the announcement with a tweet earlier this week, fans voiced their eagerness to get in on the latest Pokémon action. For trainers who really want to immerse themselves in all of the Poké-action can also download two editions of The Pokémon Essential Handbook on McDonald’s website for free.

Happy Battling! (And waiting in drive-thru lanes!)