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Melanie Lynskey's Adorable New Cat Tattoo Was Drawn By Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

She says it reminds her of "true joy."

Melanie Lynskey attends a conversation with Melanie Lynskey at The 92nd Street Y, New York on March ...
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Melanie Lynskey is a talented actor, an outspoken feminist, and an all-around cool person. In recent years, she’s gained a dedicated fan base not only by starring in the show Yellowjackets, but also by doing things like calling out body-shamers and thanking her nanny when she wins awards.

Still, she’s pretty quiet when it comes to sharing about her child, her 5-year-old daughter who she shares with husband and fellow actor, Jason Ritter. They haven’t ever released her name publicly, but this week Lynskey shared a little bit of her daughter with the world, via her brand new tattoo.

The 46-year-old Don’t Look Up star posted a sweet picture on Instagram, sharing that she had one of her daughter’s drawings inked on her arm — and for the sweetest reason ever.

“I’m so happy to be bringing this adorable tattoo into 2024 with me,” she wrote, thanking her New Zealand tattooist Graeme Allan and the parlor Scarred Tattoo. “It’s a meticulous recreation of a drawing my 5 year old daughter did, and it reminds me even in the most challenging moments that there is true joy in my life and fills me with deep gratitude. I wish so much joy for all of you this year! And my big wish is that the world remembers about empathy.”

Ritter and Lynskey — who married in 2020 — haven’t said much about their child to the press since she was born in December 2018. But every once in a while, they will share a photo of their growing girl (although not her face) on social media.

The public has also gotten a taste of her personality through a few sweet posts.

“The kindest, sweetest, coolest little person. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be her mama,” she posted last month on her daughter’s birthday. “5 years of pure joy.”

And Ritter — who also comes from an acting family — shared last year that their daughter might take an interest in the stage as she gets older.

"She is watching her parents and she's already showing signs," Ritter said on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show last spring. "I think you want to help your child be as fully who they are as they want to be. And you know, as we all know, the more you try to like control someone's life, the more they rebel."

Who knows — if that cat drawing is any indicator, maybe she’s actually a budding artist?