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'Only Murders In The Building' Cast Revealed That Meryl Streep Will Appear In Season 3

The beans were spilled after the cast posted photos of Streep on set to their social media.

Instagram / @stevemartinreally

Thought it may feel like it’s been an eternity since Only Murders In The Building wrapped up its second season on Hulu, the murder-mystery/comedy is already filming for Season 3, much to the delight of fans.

While not much has been spilled in the way of spoilers for the upcoming season, Only Murders In The Building fans got a huge taste of what’s to come when O.G. stars — Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez — revealed some major additions to the Season 3, including Meryl Streep.

This week, Steve Martin, 77, revealed that Oscar winner and living legend Meryl Streep, 73, has joined the cast of the hit series.

“The filming of Season 3 of 'Only Murders in the Building' has begun! A cast to dream of,” Martin, wrote on Instagram beside a black and white photo of Streep and Martin all smiles sitting alongside costars Martin Short and Selena Gomez. The photo also confirmed that Paul Rudd — who had a small appearance in Season 2 of Only Murders — will return for Season 3.

The show's official Instagram account commented on Martin's post, writing, “Meryl has entered the building!”

Gomez, 30, also decided to spill the beans in a cheeky Instagram video featuring her cast mates.

“Hey guys, we’re on set! What are we shooting? Season 3! The gang is back!” Gomez says as she pans the camera on set, revealing her costars including Martin Short, 72.

“Yay! Could this honestly get any better? Oh wait!”

She then turns the camera to Rudd, 53, who jokes, “Well, I do think it could get a little bit better.”

As Gomez and Martin play around about what Rudd could have meant by his comment, Streep pops out from behind the couch the rest of the actors are sitting on.

“Steve, do you want a pillow?” Streep asks Martin as she places a pillow behind his back.

“Marty, anything you need?” Streep asks Short as he answers by jokingly telling her, “Just the tea that I had asked for half an hour ago, thank you.”

When Streep checks in on Gomez, she replies, “I'm okay. Thank you, ma'am. You're sweet,” Gomez then looks into the camera mouth agape as she breaks the fourth wall, revealing that she is just as awestruck at Streep joining the cast of Only Murders In The Building as the rest of us.

When we left the residents of The Arconia at the end of Season 2, Rudd’s character — Broadway actor Ben Glenroy — had seemingly suffered a very public death on stage. So, is that where Season 3 will pick up? According to show co-creator John Hoffman, Season 3 will be filled with many twists and turns, as usual.

“I’m about six weeks into writing with the room for Season 3, and what we have planned is insane and so exciting. It’s also very twisty," Hoffman told TV Line in August 2022. “We try to check ourselves, like, 'OK, what can we do and how can we do this differently?' and 'What feels like a different take? A fresh take?' So I can only say hang tight! There’s a lot going on, and certainly the victim is colorfully drawn so far.”

The first two seasons of Only Murders in the Building are now streaming on Hulu.