Oh baby, baby!

Mia Goth Gave Birth To Her First Child With Shia LeBeouf

The on-again, off-again couple was spotted walking around their Pasadena neighborhood with a stroller.

US actor Sia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Mia Goth just welcomed their first child together.
LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

First things first: congratulations to Mia Goth and Shia LeBeouf for becoming parents! Although neither of the actors’ reps have confirmed anything, Goth had previously been spotted in public very pregnant, and a decidedly very not pregnant Goth and LeBeouf were just spotted walking around their Pasadena neighborhood with a stroller.

The couple has had something of an untraditional relationship. The two first met in 2012 while filming Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Vol. II and started their courtship. In 2013, Goth appeared in a music video LeBeouf directed the music video “Haunted Love” for the band Future Unlimited.

“When I think domestic, I feel love,” LaBeouf told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “When I think violence, I feel haunted. ‘Haunted Love’ for me was about lovers pushing each other to the edge. And how jealousy can make a person snap.”

In 2016, the two got married at the Viva Las Vegas chapel in Vegas, and by 2018, LeBeouf’s rep had confirmed the two had indeed decided to go their separate ways. Shia and Mia have filed for divorce. The separation is amicable and all details pertaining to the divorce proceedings will remain private,” a rep for LeBeouf said at the time.

While the two were separated, LeBeouf dated FKA Twigs, and the two split in 2019. The singer alleged that LeBeouf committed sexual battery and assault against her while they were together. LeBeouf has vehemently denied “ "each and every allegation.”

As the pandemic raged, Goth and LeBeouf rekindled their relationship and were spotted riding bikes together in 2020. Goth also started wearing her wedding band again at this time. Once a pregannt Goth was spotted by paparazzi back in February, fans put two and two together and assumed that she was having a child with LeBeouf.

Reps have not confirmed a name or birthdate of Goth and LeBeouf’s baby.