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Michael Bublé Wishes He Were Brave Enough To Be A Full-Time Dad

“I think I'm not loving it as much, I think I'm getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad,” the crooner explained.

Michael Bublé during the recording of TIM Summer Hits in Piazza del Popolo. The singer, who just wel...
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It’s been said time and time again: the working parent’s life is a constant task of balance. A working parent needs to stay present and involved with their kids’ lives but also climb the ladder at work, achieve, and be a productive member of society — and it’s an almost impossible task. When giving effort and attention to one facet of life, the others tend to lack. Pop singer Michael Bublé is starting to realize when it comes to balance, something has to give.

When speaking on That Gaby Roslin Podcast on Sunday, Bublé opened up about work, fatherhood, and the juggling act it takes to do both. The 46-year-old crooner, who just welcomed his fourth child into the world with wife, Luisana Lopilato, 35, says he is debating hanging up his microphone to become a full-time father to his children.

The singer, who has been more than successful, has sold over 75 million records worldwide and has four Grammy Awards under his belt. But he’s still not putting career above his family — which includes Noah, 9, Elias, 6, Vida, 4, and the new baby Cielo.

“I think I’m not loving it as much,” he said during the podcast. “I think I'm getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad.”

“I have this picture in my head of just me in a field with my kids and Ed Sheeran’s kids, and we’re just hugging each other and picnicking and getting drunk,” he joked.

Bublé also touched on the fact that he truly wishes he would quit the music scene, retire, and just hang out with kids, but doesn’t think he’s quite brave enough to do it.

“I don’t know a friend that doesn’t have the same thought, I mean we never do it, we never seem to really do it, very few of us are brave enough to say ‘No, I just want to do this’, but I think it’s a fantasy,” he confessed.

He also mentioned that deciding to have a family has hindered his career’s success, noting that if he had decided to stay a single man, he could have been way more famous. The singer, who has actually never had a number one hit in the United States, said, “It's funny, if you talk to my manager ... he's managed a lot of big careers, he'd say flat out, ‘If Bublé didn't get married and have those kids he’d be a bigger star, easily, truthfully.’”

He went onto explain that his wife and children are always factored in to the choices he makes as far as album promoting and performing go, and that definitely affects his success much to the chagrin of his team.

Bublé explained, “My manager always says to me, ‘It isn't tough to make the decisions, kid, it’s tough to live with the consequences of those decisions, so can you live with the consequences of that, Mike? If you put your family first, it’s going to hurt our career in those countries, what do you think?’ And, of course, for me, it sucks as, of course, I'm telling you here that I’m thinking about it all the time and I'm sitting in bed thinking, ‘Oh damn.’'

The singer may have to make some sacrifices when it comes to his job, but it won’t be at the expense of his family. In a 2020 interview with People, Bublé admitted, “There will have to be a healthy balance and if there’s not, then only one thing is going to have to have to suffer, and let me tell you it won’t be my family life ... Even if that means I can’t be there physically, at least I can be there on Skype or whatever.”

It’s refreshing to see a dad struggle with the juggling act of family and career that so many moms face every day.