Extremely relatable

Guess Which Parenting Book Minnie Driver Literally Threw Out A Window

The actor also shared the very relatable birth story of her now-teenager.

Minnie Driver stopped by the Vanity Fair Oscar party last week — and also recently shared some impor...

When it comes to parenting, one of the hardest lessons to learn is that no matter how much you prep and plan, it’s just not always going to go the way you think. When Minnie Driver sat down to discuss her experiences with pregnancy and motherhood on a new podcast this week, that was her major take-away: babies and kids are going to have their own ideas — and so does the universe.

Driver was the first guest for the premiere episode of iHeartRadio’s The Healthy Baby Show and discussed all things motherhood — starting with the first parenting book that she threw out the window.

“I actually broke a window with What To Expect When You're Expecting,” she says. “I threw it out because I felt so overwhelmed and I kept thinking ‘This just cannot possibly be true for every single baby…’”

So extremely relatable.

Driver goes on to explain that everyone is different — and that the information and advice you can get from others can be a bunch of bunk.

“I was told I couldn't have children when I was 18,” she tells host Shazi Visram. “This awful doctor just came into the room and he literally compared my uterus to the U-bend in a toilet and was like, ‘Nothing's going through there. You won't be having children.’”

Well, she proved him wrong. Driver has a 13-year-old son, Henry Story Driver, who she shares with TV writer and producer Timothy Lea. The two had a brief relationship — Driver has been dating filmmaker Addison O’Dea since 2019.

The next parenting plan that got completely scrapped was her birth plan.

“My birth plan went out the window,” she says. “They told me I was having a girl. I didn't have a girl, I had a boy. I wanted the first word that he heard to be ‘love’ as I was pushing, well, her out. And then my mum went, ‘Oh my goodness, it's a boy,’ and I went, ‘Fuck! What the fuck?’”

It’s too funny — and it’s also a delivery room experience a lot of moms can relate to, when a parent’s idyllic dream of a totally perfect birth goes on a crash course with Actual Reality.

She also had a postpartum experience that so many moms can empathize with: getting patched up after delivery.

“So I did have 43 internal stitches and it was bananas,” she laughs. “However, I don't remember this, but apparently, I screamed to [the doctor], "You better stitch me up like a Prada handbag.’”

To hell with the husband stitch, and long live the Prada stitch.

Driver has her own podcast, Minnie Questions, where she talks to a wide variety of notable people — and Henry has his own episode that’s adorable.

Things might not always go as Driver has planned during her time as a mom, but it seems pretty clear that she’s doing a bang-up job.