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Miranda Kerr Says She’s Open To Having Another Baby

The model says she ‘always dreamed’ of having three boys, and is open to expanding her family.

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Miranda Kerr and spouse Evan Spiegal got candid this week with Vogue Australia, and they are spilling the beans about family life, their farm in Kerr’s home country Australia, and their pretty vibrant careers. The couple conducted the interview at their roughly 215-acre property in Hunter Valley, where their 4-year-old, Hart, casually rides a tractor with his grandad and Myles, 2, takes a nap while the pair get their pictures taken.

“I just love being a mother, and I always wanted three boys, so I feel really blessed that I have three healthy boys,” she shared.

The Victoria Secret alum turned wellness entrepreneur, and Snapchat Co-Founder and CEO are nothing short of impressive in their professional endeavors, yet it is obvious that they are grounded in family values, as even with Vogue in their residence, they carry on with regular life.

“They are just loving farm life, playing in the muddy puddles as I was when I was growing up. It’s the full circle that makes me feel so grateful to have had this opportunity to provide that to them,” Kerr shares about her kids living on the farm.

The Kora Organics Founder grew up in New South Wales, just about three hours north of where her own family has laid roots, and Spiegal also resonates with countryside upbringing, as he spent summers with his grandparents in wine country in California. “I remember running through the vineyards, so when I see our kids run around, it’s sweet,” he says.

The pair also recount the history and connection they share with their property, sharing that Miranda had rented the property years ago during a trip, and she hoped one day it would go for sale. Her wish came true when the property, who was currently being occupied by an event company, could not withstand the challenges of the pandemic, and so the couple hopped on the chance to buy it.

“At the time, I had just moved out of my dad’s house,” Spiegel shared playfully. “So I’m like: ‘What do you mean a farm in Australia?!’”

What they didn’t know the property would bring to them was the opportunity to spend a few months under one roof with her grandparents, who unfortunately passed back to back in 2021.

Kerr also mentioned that while they were on the farm, her oldest, eleven-year-old Flynn, who she shares with ex Orlando Bloom, stayed in Los Angeles with his dad. She raved about her co-parenting relationship with Bloom and was very pleased with the blended family they’ve managed to create over the years.

She then gushed over how she met Evan, recounting that they were introduced at an event in NYC a year after her separation from Bloom.

“I was going through quite a challenging stage. I didn’t really believe in love anymore. I felt a little bit overwhelmed with what had happened.” She smiles. “He was so patient with me. Our relationship evolved slowly. And we established a nice friendship before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I never even thought that this kind of love was possible. To meet someone I connected with so well and who is continually working on themselves every day, like I’m working on myself to be the best partner, the best mother, to constantly want to grow and evolve, that is something both of us are really committed to. And it’s really incredible to have a partner who wants to grow with you in the same direction,” Kerr shared.

When it comes to how they prioritize their family, Spiegal shared, “We both believe that kindness is the most important thing and enjoying life and having gratitude for each other, for our children. The power is in the present moment. That’s something I’m very big on. When we are with the children, we’re with the children and it’s a conscious decision. When we’re here on the farm, going into the vegetable patch or putting the chickens away, it’s, ‘Okay, let’s put our phones away.’ Sometimes you can’t avoid that, but we try to be conscious of it.”

When asked if they’d ever consider adding to the family, Kerr answered, “I feel like I'm open, so we'll see what God decides.”

I’m open to being adopted, Miranda and Evan, if you’re interested.