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Ms. Rachel Called Out Trolls That Said She Needed To "Lose Weight” And “Be Prettier"

Leave her alone!

YouTube sensation Ms. Rachel posted a viral TikTok revealing that she was met with criticism over he...
@msrachelforlittles / TikTok

The internet is rallying behind beloved children’s YouTube personality Ms. Rachel after she posted an honest and vulnerable TikTok about trolls commenting on her appearance when she’s just doing her thing and trying to exist in the world.

Rachel Griffin Accurso posted a viral TikTok revealing that while she’s been working on her second masters in education, she has been met with widespread criticism on the internet over her weight and appearance.

“Finishing my second masters in education while someone comments I’ve gained weight and should lose weight and try to be prettier if I’m going to have a show teaching toddlers,” she wrote in text overlay on the video.

The caption reads, “Last week, real comment I got… I have better qualifications to teach than being thin and pretty. And that’s not where my value is! #moms #toddlermom #mama #msrachel #beauty.”

The video racked up 4.2 million views with thousands of comments of support from parents and TikTok users who wrote words of encouragement and love to the songwriter and educator.

“If it makes you feel better I was scrolling with my 2 yr old just now and she saw you and said, ‘Wow, that’s Ms. Rachel, she’s so beautiful,’” one user wrote.

Accurso replied, “That’s so kind and sweet! ❤️”

Several parents chimed in that Ms. Rachel quite literally saved their sanity and taught their children when they just couldn’t muster the strength.

One mom said, “You’ve taught ME how to talk to my baby and because of that, she knows 40+ words and counting at 18 months old. Thank you for helping me be a better mom.”

Another wrote, “This made me tear up. I suffered with PPD so badly I could barely take care of my baby. You taught her everything she knows because I could not. I can’t believe anyone would say something so mean. I think you are beautiful and I appreciate you so much more than you know. We love you rachel!”

Accurso’s call out to internet trolls comes on the heels of her recent break from social media to focus on her self care and her mental health.

"Self-care is important," she told People. "I do a lot of self-help work on not letting a small amount of people and their words have power — love is more powerful. Helping kids inspires me to do the work and get up every day, but you do encounter some things that are more negative."

Since when is a person’s ability to teach toddlers synonymous with their weight or appearance? No one was saying this about Ms. Rodgers or Bill Nye or Steve from Blue’s Clues. Let’s leave women alone and let Ms. Rachel keep being the light and parent savior that she is!