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New 'Jurassic Park' LEGO Sets Let You Relive The Classic ‘90s Blockbuster

One set even comes with giant LEGO dinosaur poop.

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New 'Jurassic Park' Lego sets are releasing this summer, for the 30th anniversary of the first film....
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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the 1993 blockbuster — Jurassic Park — the LEGO Group has revealed five new LEGO play sets that bring the classic film to life in Lego form.

Parents and kids 4 and up can build and reimagine the absolute terror (and wonder!) that Jurassic Park had to offer movie-goers 30 years ago.

While there have been Lego sets made for the more recent Jurassic Park movies, there is something extra wistful about building a scene with Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm on a research mission or Robert “Clever Girl” Muldoon with a blood-thirsty Velociraptor.

Lego builders can test their building skills with Velociraptor Escape which is a 4+ set that includes a Velociraptor figure, buildable dinosaur pen and off-roader vehicle.

“Packed with endless fun, children can help Dr. Ellie Sattler and Muldoon look after the Velociraptor in the dinosaur pen before the dinosaur tries breaking through the electric fence to escape,” LEGO’s press release reads.

Who doesn’t remember the infamous Jeep scene from the film where Dennis Nedry finally gets what’s coming to him? Dilophosaurus Ambush allowed kids (and let’s be real — most parents too) build out one of the most iconic scenes in Jurassic Park where Nedry is ambushed in a Jeep by a very hungry Dilophosauruses.

The set even comes with its very own Dennis Nedry LEGO figure where “children can let their imagination run wild and decide whether he can escape before the Dilophosaurus attacks.”

If herbivores are more your style, the Triceratops Research set might be right up your alley. Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm proceed with a research mission to find dinosaurs in this set that comes with an off-roader vehicle and a very sick Triceratops. You can even pick through Lego poop like Dr. Sattler to really get into character.

For the more advanced LEGO builders, the Brachiosaurus Discovery set, invites Lego fans to get behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler with John Hammond, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant in search of dinosaurs.

“With 512 pieces for ages 9+, fans can recreate a classic scene from the iconic, original film featuring the first-ever Brachiosaurus LEGO dinosaur, or simply build and display the impressive model when complete,” the press release describes.

Lastly, LEGO couldn’t create a set based on Jurassic Park without including what may be the most infamous scene from the film — the Raptors in the visitor center.

Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack lets fans check on the dinosaur eggs in the incubator while also stopping for a bite (pun intended) with the gang before Velociraptors hunt down the kids in the kitchen and the T-Rex surprisingly saves the day. This 12+ set comes with a whopping 693-pieces but seems well worth the build!

All LEGO Jurassic Park sets will be available for purchase on LEGO.com, in LEGO stores and other major retailers on June 1, 2023.

Pre-order is available now on AMAZON and LEGO.com for set 75961 LEGO Jurassic Park Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack.

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