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Oklahoma Governor Says ‘Clifford’ And Other PBS Shows ‘Sexualize Our Kids’

The Governor was explaining why he vetoed a bill to continue funding public television.

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt vetoed a bill that authorized funding the Oklahoma Educational Television Author...
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images / PBS Kids

The U.S. continues to burn itself to the ground with yet another mass shooting over the weekend, climate change concerns forever looming, and still no plan as to how to solve for any real issue that affects kids in America. But don’t worry — Republican Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt, has his sights set on the big issues plaguing this nation — starting with the PBS Kids’ cartoon, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Last week, Gov. Stitt vetoed a bill that authorized funding the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) — which broadcasts PBS programming — through July 2026.

This is not the first time Republicans have confusingly tried to take down PBS. Former President Donald Trump and Mitt Romney both have made public remarks about their quests to get the public broadcasting system, which offers programming like non-partisan news and Sesame Street, off the air.

And while Trump and Romney’s reasoning for defunding PBS was ostensibly saving taxpayer dollars and limiting government spending, Stitt is taking a more targeted and straightforward approach — aimed right at the heart of the LGBT+ community.

“I don't think Oklahomans want to use their tax dollars to indoctrinate kids," Stitt told reporters on Friday about his decision to veto the bill. "Some of the stuff that they’re showing just overly sexualizes our kids.”

If you’re wondering what in the hell Stitt is talking about, local paper Tulsa World broke down the Stitt administration’s issues with PBS, and to no one’s surprise, they are completely homophobic, offensive, and overblown.

A spokeswoman for the governor sent Tulsa World information showing that OETA promoted LGBTQ-focused Pride Month programming in recent years. The horror!

She also shared information indicating that two animated children’s cartoons — Clifford the Big Red Dog and Work it out Wombats! — that air on PBS Kids that have episodes including lesbian characters.

The spokeswoman also shared Fox News article that criticizes a PBS Newshour segment in which an Indiana couple talked about how gender-affirming care was beneficial for their daughter.

Stitt’s attack on OETA is not the first time he’s cut public television funding, hurting the Oklahoman people he’s supposed to be advocating for.

Stitt vetoed more than $8 million in funding set aside for the OETA to improve its emergency alerting services, hampering the agency’s effort to improve a tool it uses to notify residents — including many in rural areas — of local issues such as tornados.

“OETA serves a diverse population, and Oklahoma has a diverse population,” Friends of OETA board member Ken Busby pointed out.

“People need to be given choices, and they can choose what they wish to watch and not watch. No one’s dictating that you have to watch this program or like this program.”

OETA Executive Director Polly Anderson told the paper, “It’s just really unfortunate that this is going to hurt the people of Oklahoma.”

Bob Spinks, former chairman of Friends of OETA, told TV station KOCO that OETA would have to shut down if Stitt’s veto stands. “It’s not simply we’ll go out and raise that money from other sources. That money will go away,” Spinks said.

Thankfully, an override of Stitt’s veto appears likely, according to Tulsa World.

State Rep. Monroe Nichols, a Democrat, released a statement, saying, “Make no mistake, the veto has nothing to do with what is good for Oklahoma. It is clear Governor Stitt saw another governor pick a fight with Mickey Mouse so now he’s doing his best to keep pace by sticking it to Big Bird.”