Olivia Munn And John Mulaney Take Their Baby To His First Restaurant

‘Crazy phở you’: the actors take Malcolm out and enjoy some steaming bowls full of noodles.

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Olivia Munn and John Mulaney grabbed the stroller and brought their son Malcolm, five months, to his first restaurant on Sunday. While he’s still too little for solids, Malcolm was pictured sitting on each parent’s lap, gazing with curiosity at their noodle-loaded chopsticks.

“Crazy phở you 🍜. Malcolm goes to his first restaurant,” Munn wrote on Instagram in a post liked by Mindy Kaling and plenty of other admirers.

In the six-photo reel, baby Malcolm gamely poses with mom, dad, grandma, and a bottle of sriracha. Munn’s mother, who appears in one of the pictures, is of Chinese ancestry and arrived in the United States as a refugee from Vietnam following the war. Munn, who proudly identifies as Asian-American, chose her son’s Vietnamese middle name, Hiệp, to honor this heritage.

Malcolm isn’t quite ready for his first bites of phở, but he seems to take after both of his parents when it comes to his friendliness with the camera. Malcolm watches intently as his parents raise their chopsticks, gazes up at the adults from his stroller, his arm around the bottle of hot sauce, and finds the camera in the final family shot that includes grandma.

Munn has been open in sharing both the highs and lows of her postpartum journey. In early February, she posted a video documenting her breastfeeding struggles. After cataloging all of her efforts to increase her low milk supply and the accompanying feelings of failure, Munn advised followers, “Do whatever you need to feed your baby and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.”

On the little one’s four-month-birthday in March, Munn posted a shot of herself, looking stunning, holding a simply cherubic Malcolm.

“It’s been 4 months since the happiest, chillest baby came into my world,” wrote Munn. “He wakes up smiling every single morning without fail, he loves bath time so much that he kicks his legs and looks around whenever he hears the sound of the tub filling up, his tiny fists are his favorite things to gum on and he squeals and follows along page by page whenever we read to him.”

This is one adored baby.