Olivia Munn Getting Kicked In The Face By Her Baby Is So Relatable

All parents can, uh, feel this. Ouch!

Olivia Munn knows kicks from babies are a part of the mom deal. Here, she and John Mulaney depart th...
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It’s never easy taking photos with babies. They’re squirmy and gassy and constantly rolling/crawling/walking around. And if your situation is anything like new mom Olivia Munn’s, your infant might just kick you in the face, too.

The 42-year-old actress posted a funny video on Instagram over the weekend in which she tries to take a selfie with her 8-month-old son, Malcolm Hiệp, with her partner John Mulaney. Malcolm rambunctiously kicks his chunky baby legs into her face as he presumably lies on her propped up knees.

“Taking selfies when you’re a mom,” Munn wrote.

Olivia Munn with her son Malcolm.

First-time dad Drew Scott commented, “I know this feeling😂,” with New Girl star Hannah Simone adding, “The most relatable content in history 😂❤️.”

Munn has been refreshingly honest when it comes to life as a new mom, sharing photos and videos from her son’s first year. She’s posted about postpartum hair loss, baby spit up, breastfeeding, the formula shortage, and the expectation to “bounce back” — in hopes her experience will reach other moms who may be struggling.

“The postpartum road is rough, but it’s so worth it,” she captioned a video of her rocking Malcolm.

Malcolm and Olivia Munn’s dimples.

Munn and Mulaney welcomed their son in November 2021. Mulaney has said that fatherhood has completely shifted his focus and allowed him to see life in a new way.

“He’s my son and I love him so much but I’m just, I’m fascinated by him,” he told Conan O’Brien, “and I love watching him see the world. And seeing what sounds, images, lights, volume levels make him laugh.”

Laugh, and kick!