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Drew Scott's 'Resting Dad Face' Will Resonate With All New Parents

"This is the look when you just heard the 💩," the HGTV star shared.

Drew Scott has "Resting Dad Face," and it's priceless. Here, he and Linda Phan speak onstage during ...
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All parents know that sound. You know, the mushy one where your newborn baby is definitely going No. 2 in their tenth diaper of the day. Well, HGTV host and new dad Drew Scott has now coined a term to describe the face one makes when they hear the, uh, squishy squirt.

In a funny Instagram photo, Scott stares off into the distance as he holds his 3-month-old son, Parker James, in bed. “RDF (Resting Dad Face),” the Property Brothers star captioned the post. “This is the look when you just heard the 💩.”

“But the sweetest poop ever,” his wife Linda Phan commented.

RDF is right.

The new dad received more laughs in the comments section, with people like his brother and co-star Jonathan Scott and singer Michelle Branch getting a kick out of “RDF.”

“I think being on diaper duty is your true calling 😂,” Jonathan wrote.

Drew and Linda welcomed their first child, Parker, on May 4 — their fourth wedding anniversary — and have been sharing updates from their new life as parents on social media. Over the weekend, Drew posted a sweet picture of Linda and Parker, writing, “This is a Linda appreciation post for kicking butt as a new mom 🥰.”

Linda Phan and Parker.

A few weeks after Parker’s birth, Linda took to Instagram to share a bit about her postpartum journey. She posted a photo of herself in the classic maternity mesh underpants and wrote, “Catching up - on sleep, snuggles, feelings, socializing… k maybe not so much on that last thing 🙃someday i’ll scribble down all the things that have been swirling around in my heart 🥰 for now, i’m just loving and thankful for my postparty bodday ❤️.”

Drew and Linda also spoke openly about their experience as new parents on their podcast At Home with Linda & Drew Scott in June. They laughed about getting peed on, gave insight into Parker’s feeding patterns and shared words of wisdom from friends.

“It’s this immediate love,” Drew said of becoming a dad for the first time, before calling his son “Parky Poo.”

So, so fitting.