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Olivia Munn’s Son Can Open Doors Now, And She Is Not Ready

The first-time mom has a toddler officially on the move, and the actress is “not prepared.”

Uh-oh, Olivia Munn's son is officially walking.
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney officially have a toddler, and he is learning fast. One-year-old Malcolm showed his parents on Monday that he is learning how to open doors, and of course, it is a slightly horrifying revelation for every parent.

“Oh no...I’m not prepared! Aggghh!!” she captioned an Instagram post this week. The video shows her adorable babe in a blue and white onesie as he holds the doorknob and pulls it down, with the caption, ‘He’s opening doors now??’

Mulaney is heard in the background, saying, “You opened it!” before Malcolm crawls his way back to his parents.

In the comments section, John also joked, “I should teach him to knock first.”

Of course, followers couldn’t help but join in on the fun, writing things like, “Soon he’ll be opening windows and sneaking out to go clubbing,” and, “Next up: unlocks your iPhone and sends crazy emoji texts to random ppl.”

“It worked out great in Jurassic Park when the Raptors figured outdoors. 😳😳😳. Best of luck,” another wrote.

Seasoned parents also chimed in to share their own toddler adventures, with one parent sharing, “Wait til he locks himself in a room. That’s always fun. I suggest you find ways to be able to unlock the doors from the opposite side now before it happens. 😣 my daughter did that in the bathroom once; thankfully, we had those old-timey knobs that you could push a nail into and pop the lock.”

“Make sure he does not figure out how to lift the toilet cover and start playing with the water,” another follower warned.

Ah, toddlers. What fun.

The couple celebrated Malcolm’s first birthday together in November and have since joked about the new joys of toddlerhood and all of the funniest milestones. In another post, Olivia shared footage of Malcolm attempting to eat a seashell, captioning it, “We’ve entered the ‘puts everything in their mouth’ era.”

The mother and son duo were posing in the shallow waters at a beach, with Olivia in a bikini and Malcolm in a wetsuit sitting in the sand. While the attention was meant to be on Malcolm’s attempts to taste anything in his path, followers couldn’t help but point out how fabulous Olivia looked.

“Shooting the cover of Sports Illustrated and Parents magazine. Never better,” one follower joked. “I was in that exact same position when my son started putting things in his mouth.. legs spread.. in a bikini.. on a beach… someone recording,” another parent wrote.

I wish I could say it gets easier, Olivia, but ‘threenager’ is in the distance — Buckle up.