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Olivia Munn And John Mulaney Celebrate Their Son's First Birthday

Malcolm Hiệp definitely enjoyed his chocolate frosted birthday cake.

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney have birthday cake with their 1-year-old son.
Olivia Munn/Instagram

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney have officially made it through the first 12 months of parenthood. Over the weekend, the couple celebrated their son Malcolm Hiệp’s first birthday with a crown, beautiful ocean views, and plenty of cake.

Munn, 42, posted photos and videos from the tiny guy’s special day, writing, “Just got back from celebrating ONE YEAR of the most joyful baby being in this world and in our lives. My son, my joy. Happiest Birthday Malcolm Hiệp! I love you so so so much.”

Malcolm’s birthday celebration.

Although he didn’t dig into his chocolate frosted birthday cake at first, once grandma gave him a taste, Malcolm was all in. Munn shared a clip of the moment, writing, “When your Asian mom gets inpatient.”

“For what it’s worth, he did start eating the cake after that 😆🎂,” she added.

Apparently, grandma hand-knit the birthday king’s crown, too.

Malcolm vs. cake.

And, thanks to some of dedicated social media followers, Munn realized that she might’ve captured Malcolm’s first time saying “I love you” on camera.

“I posted this in a carousel and then someone commented that they heard him say “I love you” and that is the first time I heard it too! Could it be??? 🤟🏼,” the actor wrote.

“I love you!”

Munn has documented and shared a lot of vulnerable moments from her first year as a mother, including everything from breastfeeding woes and the post-baby “snapback,” to new mom mood swings and Malcolm’s milestones.

“Postpartum life right now: everyone’s asleep except me,” she shared at 1:54 a.m. on a March morning. “Been wearing the same sweatshirt for three days (I think, maybe more?), I’m pretty sure that’s spit up on my shirt, I’m so happy and at the same time I’m struggling (weird to feel both simultaneously yet so grateful to have all the happiness to keep me afloat).”

Moms everywhere definitely appreciated her honesty.

And Mulaney, 40, also posted photos from his fatherhood journey, saying Malcolm “changed my life forever” in the best way.

What a transparent, and adorable, little family.