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Disney Employees Are Telling All About People Pooping In Lines

The crappiest place on earth?

Guests wearing protective masks ride scooters past the entrance to the Rise of the Resistance attrac...
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Spending a little extra for a line-skipping pass at Disney has never seemed like a better idea. This week, after a post on Reddit about people going number two while in line for rides went viral, both regular resort-goers and employees are opening up about all the literal crap they’ve seen at Walt Disney’s amusement parks over the years.

It apparently happens everywhere, at all of the resorts, but especially in some of the lines with the longest wait times, where hundreds of people are patiently waiting sometimes over an hour to experience a certain ride. Only two rides — Flight of Passage and Indiana Jones — have rest rooms to use as you wait in line, and if you’re in a different line, you can risk losing your spot if you need to you-know-what.

It all started with one person describing a human waste incident while in line for the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride in Hollywood Studios.

“Someone let their kid take a dump on the floor and then they just walked out and left it,” a person wrote on Reddit. “WTF?”

The responses were filled with shock and disgust from some, but a lot of nonchalance from current and former employees.

“For the skeptics… this actually happened,” an employee responded. “Fun fact: this was one of 3 sh*t-related incidents at Rise today. Less fun fact: I was here for all 3 of them.”

“As a former CM, that’s not unusual, sad to say,” another agreed. “We had people tell their kids to go potty behind our stand, even when the bathroom was across the way.”

“I can double confirm this stuff happens,” another former employee said. “I was a custodial CM at Hollywood Studios back in 2018 and had to clean urine and vomit off of RNRC twice in like half an hour. I got one code cleaned and then just as I had left and got everything put away the coordinator called me again and asked if I was still there and I got to do it again.”

Another employee piped in with a good tip: “Rise actually has a backstage restroom you can use! Just ask one of the 4 CMs you see along the way and they’ll take you,” they shared. “We would literally do anything to avoid doo in the queue.”

A few employees reminisced about the poop hallway at Flight of Passage before a bathroom was added to the area.

“Whatchy’all know about the poop hallway at Flight of Passage,” another Disney custodian asked the group. “Current custodial coordinator here. I’ve never worked at DAK, but I work with a few cast that were custodial at Pandora when it opened… when FOP had those 4 hour lines. There was one backstage hallway halfway through that was notorious for guests going in and dropping trou. People pooped in this particular hallway so much that they had to put that bathroom in nearby.”

Dear baby Jesus, please thank all Disney custodians you see, every time you see them.

And even better: use the bathrooms!

And don’t even get them started on vomit stories. There are too many.

Of course, this should all be taken with a lot of context. Every year, about 58 million people go to Disney World alone. That is a whole lot of humanity. And many of those people are kids who might not have the best skills when it comes to bathroom stuff. Could it really be any surprise that of those millions of people, there are a pretty good number of accidents? Have any of these people ridden on the subway recently?