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Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Says She Had To Hide Her Growing Belly At The Emmys

The actor jokes that there was no way her dress for the award show would have fit even a week later.

Kaley Cuoco jokes she wouldn't have fit into her Emmy's dress a week later.
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From the moment you see the two pink lines on an EPT test to the moment when you can actually tell people there’s a baby inside you is a very weird phase. Kaley Cuoco, who recently announced she was expecting with partner Tom Pelphrey, said she had to squeeze into the dress she wore to the Emmys because the growing belly she was still trying to keep under wraps for a bit longer.

Now that the secret is out, Cuoco has been sharing a walk down memory lane of her first trimester on her Instagram stories .

The Big Bang Theory star joked about the Emmys dress on Monday, “Remember when we all laughed realizing that this dress would not have fit even a week later LOL.”

Cuoco and Pelphrey made their first official debut as a pair at the 2022 Emmy Awards, which took place on September 12th, with Kaley wearing a custom bubblegum pink dress made by Dolce and Gabbana.

“Thank you, @dolcegabbana, for the dreamiest bubblegum punk rock ballerina dress!!💕💕 I love my glam squad! And the dreamiest date of all time @tommypelphrey also the jewels, omg,” she wrote in a post.

Cuoco also highlighted her time on set during her first trimester, where she was dealing with morning sickness. Her stunt double, Monette Moio came to the rescue, saying, “Hey @monettemoio remember that time we shot an action film while I was pregnant and horribly sick and you had to take care of me and be me and do all the things as nonpregnant me?!”

The mom-to-be shared a pic of her laying down on what seems like a cot on set, saying, “This was every day between setups, lol.”

She also shared the time she was craving a tuna fish sandwich, her “3-day Subway phase,” comparing bellies with coworkers, and lots of pregnant selfies with Tom, according to PEOPLE.

Kaley and Tom have been together since May 2021, just shortly after she split from her ex, Karl Cook. The pair became public in July after the Meet Cute actress shared a post of Tom celebrating his birthday, and the pair announced their pregnancy earlier this week. This will be their first child.