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Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Preparing To Move To Windsor

The royal family is in talks to relocate to be closer to the Queen and enjoy a different quality of life.

Prince William and Kate Middleton consider moving to their Adelaide Cottage to be closer to the Quee...
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There’s been chatter over the last few months that royals Prince William and Kate Middleton are seriously considering changing the pace of their life and putting family first. They’ve been taking their time choosing a new residence, with speculations that the transition will happen this summer.

And yes, even royals move to be closer to their aging family members.

As the season quickly approaches, there seems to be more evidence that the Cambridge family is indeed serious about the move, and they have their eyes on the Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, Berkshire. The Frogmore House was considered — which is currently used for events — though it was deemed too much work to get it ready for residency.

The couple’s primary motivation for the uprooting is to be in closer proximity to Windsor Castle, where her majesty Queen Elizabeth now permanently lives following an extended stay since the start of the pandemic. According to The Sun, the Adelaide Cottage is only a ten-minute walk from the castle and has quick access to London, which is a more difficult commute from their current countryside home, Anmer Hall.

“Finding a way to make Adelaide Cottage work seems to be the best and only option. There are issues with all the other houses, so Adelaide will be the favourite,” a source close to the family said.

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However, the Duke and Duchess see more pros than just being at arm's length from the Queen — they’ll also be close to Kate's family, the Middletons. The royal family is also looking forward to being closer to potential schools as well for their children, George, 8, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4. The private institutions they’re interested in are close enough to Windsor that the children won’t need room and board away from family.

Nothing has been formally confirmed by the royal family. Still, the thought is certainly admirable, and onlookers agree that the efforts to keep their family united is a breath of fresh air.