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Twitter Had Thoughts About Rihanna's Super Bowl Pregnancy Announcement

The pop superstar revealed she's expecting her second baby during a show-stopping performance.

Rihanna performs at the Apple Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show held at State Farm Stadium on February 1...
Christopher Polk/Variety/Getty Images

Performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show is pretty unforgettable. Performing all of your biggest hits, for the first time in years, and eight months after having a baby — while suspended on a teeny tiny platform — is definitely an accomplishment.

And announcing that you’re expecting your second baby during the show? While singing "B— Better Have My Money"? Iconic.

And that’s exactly what Rihanna did last night.

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As you might imagine, the internet had some thoughts, especially before the singer’s rep confirmed the news and no one was sure if they were seeing what they thought they were seeing.

Christopher Polk/Variety/Getty Images

The first tweets were all about whether Rihanna had really done what they thought she did.

“Ok so everyone just googled “rihanna pregnant” right,” one person questioned.

After it seemed pretty obvious that Rihanna was announcing a second pregnancy — via some very clear tummy rubs and flashes — the tweets turned to the how is she doing this? variety.

“Rihanna just did a whole halftime show pregnant and suspended in the air and my dog needs to be walked and I’m like ‘it’s raining and I ate nachos, not sure if I can do this,’” wrote Jezebel editor-in-chief Laura Bassett.

“Rihanna: Pregnant, performing halftime show Me: Not pregnant, sitting on the couch, asking someone else to bring me my drink that’s just out of my reach,” wrote another.

Novelist Curtis Sittenfeld shared what it was like to just do a reading during back-to-back pregnancies.

“Just reflecting on when I was doing a book event while pregnant with my 2nd child not so long after having my 1st and I got so breathless I had to stop reading aloud from my novel while standing still behind a podium...anyway bravo, Rihanna,” she wrote.

“Please let Rihanna’s performance remind you that women can: A) do everything men do, but better B) and while pregnant,” another wrote.

One very smart lady pointed out that Rihanna isn’t just performing at roughly eight or nine months postpartum, she’s also performing while pregnant and raising an infant. Head exploding emoji!

“Rihanna doing the halftime show like 9 months postpartum AND pregnant. women are amazing,” she wrote.

About a billion clapped back at the idea that RiRi’s performance was mediocre because she didn’t dance enough. And they are all right.

A few were worried about an expecting person — or any person — performing suspended in the air on a platform that was a little wobbly.

And the the tweet most people identified with? The one pointing out that another baby might mean more of a pause before RiRi makes new music instead of humans.

And let’s not forget one last, very important thing: Rihanna is the first pregnant woman to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.