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Watch A Bunch Of Men Mistake Roe V. Wade For An MMA Fight

Just in case you weren't yet convinced that the country is doomed, Jimmy Kimmel has you covered.

While Roe V. Wade is vital to women's rights, a lot of men aren't even familiar with the court case ...
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s hard to stay positive about abortion rights and a person’s right to choose these days. With ridiculous state laws taking effect and Roe v. Wade in trouble, America needs all the help it can get, from all of its citizens who believe in bodily autonomy, privacy, women’s rights, and freedom.

But — what if a significant number of men don’t even know what hangs in the balance with the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision? Even worse, what if a significant number of men think that Roe v. Wade is a recent MMA bout instead of a vitally important court decision?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to find out. The late night show’s popular “Lie Witness News” segment hit the streets to ask a few guys if they’d caught last weekend’s big bout between two imaginary MMA fighters name Roe and Wade.

“Sixty-four percent of Americans say they support Roe v. Wade and overturning it would be devastating for women’s rights and for personal freedom in general,” Kimmel says to introduce the video. “It’s something we should all be paying attention to, but that’s not always how America works.”

The results were a pretty even blend of horrifying and depressing.

The prank is supposed to be funny, but it’s honestly tough to laugh.

The correspondent asked each man what he thought about “the big MMA heavyweight fight Roe v. Wade” — and the disappointing responses came pouring in.

“I like Wade. Doesn’t care if he’s going to get knocked out,” the first man says.

“Some people are saying that the judges are out of touch and shouldn’t decide fights like this,” the reporter goes on, as if begging one of the men to realize the joke, “What do you think?”

“I think the judges are kind of out of touch. If you’ve never been a fight in your life, you can’t determine what’s going on in a fight,” a man responds, not realizing he’s being kind of eloquent.

Not even when the correspondent asks a guy when he thinks the match will be “viable” does a lightbulb go off.

Finally, the last man was asked what women thought of Roe vs. Wade and he replied, “I don’t know. Women don’t really talk to me that much.”

Deep sigh.

One can only hope that they also interviewed a bunch of super awesome guys who didn’t make the reel who said, “Roe v. Wade is an abortion-related court case, not a heavyweight mixed martial arts bout, silly!” But even finding this many guys who don’t immediately associate Roe v. Wade with one of the most important political issues of our lifetime is more than a little troubling.

This isn’t the first time the Kimmel team has exposed the ignorance of the average man on the street — or caught them in lies. There was the time that they asked people at Coachella about bands that don’t actually exist and the other time that they asked people what they thought of Canada being the 51st state. Ooofffff.