Rupert Grint’s Daughter Is So Obsessed With Target He Built Her A Mini-Store

Who among us cannot relate to a deep appreciation of Target?

Rupert Grint opened up about his daughter Wednesday is obsessed with Target. He even built her her o...
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Going on a Target run can inspire a slew of emotions, depending on the day and the reason for hitting up the retailer in the first place. But for Rupert Grint’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Wednesday, the only emotion Target elicits is one of pure joy.

In fact, Wednesday loves Target so much that the Harry Potter alum built his daughter her own mini-store back at home once the family moved back to England.

Grint, along with partner Georgia Groome and their daughter, moved to the U.S. while Grint was working on the Apple TV+ series Servant in Philadelphia. Since moving back across the pond post-filming, Wednesday has been having a rough time without her favorite store, Target.

“She’s spent most her time in America, so she’s missing some kind of cultural things,” Grint explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “She loves hoagies, she loves water ice, and the big one — the big one is Target. She is obsessed with Target,” Grint said to applause.

When Fallon said that his kids loved Target too, Grint said that Wednesday would “choose [Target] over going to the park, the zoo.”

Obviously, the toy aisle is a big draw, but so is seeing how various Target stores are laid out and the differences between them. Wednesday’s infatuation with the retailer led Grint to build his daughter her own mini Target at home to fill the void now that they are back in the Target-less U.K.

“I’ve captioned the essence,” Grint laughed — and he really did. The adorable at-home setup is a Target checkout stand, complete with a host of gift cards, a conveyor belt, and even a credit card scanner, all in Target red.

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"It was one of the most difficult conversations, telling her she lives in a country that doesn't have Target," Grint continued. "I've shown her our kind of equivalent, but it doesn't hold up."

Stay strong sans Target, Wednesday. Watch Grint’s entire interview below: