9 Self-Care Products To Buy The Next Time You’re At Your Happy Place (aka Target)

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by Casey Clark
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A young woman meditating, doing her self-care rituals
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Peaceful alone time is a rarity when you’re mom — some may even doubt its existence! With that being said, it’s so important to advantage of those sacred few minutes when they come your way. (I promise you, eventually, it will!) After all, a bit of self-care can go a long way in helping you recharge, reset, and be the best mama you can possibly be for your family. And, to me, there’s nothing that says self-care more than some retail therapy at everyone’s favorite happy place: Target.

In addition to pretty much everything else you and your family needs, Target is also home to tons of self-care products. From sweetly scented bath bombs to aromatherapy diffusers to skin-soothing face masks, these relaxation essentials are just the thing to add to your cart when you’re looking to show yourself some TLC. They’ll help promote a sense of peace and tranquility — even if it’s just for a few moments. And, as proof that taking care of yourself really doesn’t have to be a big expense, all of these self-care products tote the affordable prices you’d expect from Target.

Before you start shopping, be sure to grab your favorite iced coffee to sip as you browse or scroll. (Yes, you deserve the extra indulgence!) Below, shop a list of nine best-selling self-care products you can buy during next Target run.

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