Ryan Reynolds Credits His Fourth Kid For The Creation Of His New Show 'Bedtime Stories'

The new, majorly relaxing show is made to help everyone in the family fall asleep.

Ryan Reynolds at an FYC event. The actor will star in a new, relaxing series called 'Bedtime Stories...
Gilbert Flores/Variety/Getty Images

Kids can be a great inspiration to their parents, even on their very first day of life. On Thursday, Ryan Reynolds shared that his idea for a new show that literally puts the audience to sleep was conceived on the first day of his fourth child’s life... a day you might guess was a pretty sleepless one for everyone in the family of six.

"The idea for a show made to help everyone fall asleep was born the same day as my fourth child," Ryan wrote in a June 15 Instagram post about his new show. "I can't wait for you to watch Bedtime Stories.”

He posted this alongside the official Bedtime Stories trailer, which features Reynolds in a cozy, magical house, pajama-clad and surrounded by books. At one point, he’s reading to a couple of sheep, tucked into bed.

"You know the best part about stories? You remember them. They stay with you," he says in the trailer, in the most soothing voice ever. "And I want to tell you a bedtime story."

“Rest your tired bones,” he continues, stepping out onto the house’s roof and staring at the night sky. “And whatever you do, don’t... fall... asleep.”

The caption reads, “From an anxious mind, comes a restful show.”

The show premieres on June 20 on Maximum Effort Channel on Fubo. The channel, which is also new, is a collaboration between Reynold’s creative agency, Maximum Effort, and Fubo, an up-and-coming streaming company. There will be 15 episodes, in which Reynolds “reads new and classic bedtime stories in an attempt to soothe your mind and soul (and also his own),” according to the trailer caption.

The 46-year-old dad is married to fellow actor Blake Lively and the #marriagegoals couple share four children and what appears to be a one of the most fun and healthy relationships in Hollywood. They are raising daughters James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, as well as a new baby, whose name and sex have not been revealed since its birth in February of this year.

"We’re so happy to create a program with the express goal of putting people to sleep,” Reynolds said in a press release. “This show has actually been a dream of mine for a while. Story time is a nighttime staple in our home and is a daily reminder of the power of storytelling."

"Bedtime Stories with Ryan is a magical mix of joy and relaxation," Pamela Duckworth, head of Fubo Studios continued in the release. "These may be legendary stories, but Ryan’s voice and personality amplify each one, turning them into classics for a new generation. Bedtime Stories with Ryan is the perfect original show to kick off Maximum Effort Channel’s programming slate of maximum comfort."

Relaxing, comforting television is having a bit of a moment, with audiences enjoying a slower pace and less conflict on series like The Great British Baking Show, Queer Eye, and The Circle gaining popularity in uncertain times when just living life feels like a stretch. It seems like Bedtime Stories could be a kid’s equivalent to the happy, chill TV trend.

Reynolds announced in 2021 that he was putting a pause on his acting career to spend more time with his family. But it seems like his family was the primary inspiration for him to get back on screen, even in this small, sleepy way.