Seth Rogen Doesn't Get Paul Rudd's Whole 'Eternal Youth' Thing Either

by Lauren Gordon
Seth Rogen hugging Paul Rudd for a photo at an event
Todd Williamson / Contributor/Getty

Long-time celebrity pals of Paul Rudd aren’t even in on the secret when it comes to the Ant-Man star’s youthful glow

Paul Rudd’s ability to look like he never left the set of Clueless is baffling. Somehow the hilarious, good-guy actor has evaded time and space, and it has not gone unnoticed. Perhaps the folks to give him the most emphatic reminders are his Hollywood buddies, like famous funny-man Seth Rogen.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Rogen made an appearance to promote his new Hulu series Pam and Tommy. The actor began talking about his recent Super Bowl ad with long-time friend Paul Rudd and quipped about his ageless beauty.

“It was a little alarming in some ways, honestly, because when I started working with Paul Rudd, he was older than I was,” joked Rogen. “And now, I somehow passed him! You would assume I was his uncle between the two of us. You would assume I was watching him… I showed up on set and I was like, ‘Damn, what happened? How did I pass you? Did they freeze you?’ It was really upsetting in a lot of ways.”

It has been awhile since the duo worked together.

“So when we were approached by Lay’s to see if we wanted to do an ad for the Super Bowl, and it had a very loose concept of kind of reminiscing over memories past, we kind of jumped at the chance. It was fun.”

Of course the reminiscing includes a time-lapse of Rogen and Rudd throughout the years and much like the girls Wooderson in Dazed N’ Confused prefers: Rogen gets older but Rudd stays the same age.

May we all have a BFF who hypes up our glow like Rogen does for Rudd.