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Steve Burns From ‘Blues Clues’ Is Back

The original ‘Blues Clues’ actor is joining his predecessors, Josh and Joe, for the show’s first-ever live-action film.

Steve Burns returns as part of the cast for the new live action film of Blues Clues.

Nothing is more satisfying than a sequel or remake with the original cast. And this November, Paramount Plus will prove this once again with the first ever live-action film of the beloved children’s show Blues Clues. And lucky for us, our guy Steve Burns is along for the ride.

The company just released their first teaser of the movie, Blues Big City Adventure, and it features your classic mischief through the Big Apple with all characters, old and new, coming to save the day.

“This November, Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues & You! debuts its very first feature-length film, exclusively on Paramount+. With all-new original songs and choreography, Blue's Big City Adventure is a brand-new movie musical spectacular for the whole family!” Paramount Plus captioned the video.

Starring alongside Steve Burns will be the current Blues Clues actor, Josh Dela Cruz, and Donovan Patton, who played ‘Joe’ in past seasons of the show.

The trailer depicts Blue and Josh visiting New York City to audition for a Broadway musical titled Rainbow Puppy’s Broadway musical when Josh realizes he’s forgotten the coveted “handy dandy notebook” at home. The pair then find themselves lost in the City and the Blue’s friends come to the rescue, with the help of an old friend, Steve.

The beloved series premiered in 1996, and Steve Burns hosted it until 2002, when he decided to step away from the show for personal reasons. In his departure from the show, producers framed his exit as Steve “going off to college,” and some really never got over it. Nickelodeon Jr. addressed that epic moment on Twitter in 2021 with a heartwarming monologue from Steve.

“So about that time Steve went off to college… #BluesClues25,” they captioned the post in honor of the show's 25th Anniversary.

To give you a sense of the hold Steve had on us, one follower commented, “I can’t believe Steve is proud of me.. I finally got the closure I needed,” they wrote along with a GIF of someone hysterically crying. If I’m being honest, almost every response to this GIF was GIFs and Memes of people crying.

We love you, Steve.

You can stream the film on November 18th exclusively on Paramount Plus.