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Here's What The Supernanny Thinks About Kate Middleton’s Jubilee Parenting

Jo Frost weighs in with her professional thoughts regarding Prince Louis’ cheeky behavior.

Jo Frost gives her professional opinion on how Kate Middleton handled Prince Louis' behavior at the ...
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The royal kids have taken the internet by storm since the Queen’s Trooping of the Color parade, where Prince Louis,4, in particular, stole the show while sitting on the iconic Buckingham Palace terrace. As the world continues to flood social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram with comments regarding the far too relatable moment, Supernanny Jo Frost has joined the fun and dropped some parenting gems of her own.

In the viral pictures, you can see Prince Louis having trouble sitting still through the events and as a result behaving, well, like a four-year-old boy.

The global parenting expert and Supernanny star took to Instagram to share her professional thoughts on the ordeal, saying, “Regardless to what the press seems to of latched onto today, I believe little Prince Louis behaved remarkably well over the whole weekend of much spectacular fanfare! All that sitting, watching and organisation, most children can't sit in their chairs at a dining table for longer than 15mins.”

Preach it, Jo.

“It certainly must of been beautifully overwhelming for this little chap, especially with no playtime in between and long days, children are going to test, one should expect as such. We have all been entertained by this little boy's character, a great sense of humor, strong-willed, and most definitely a highly sensitive soul in my professional opinion,” she continued.

Twitter parents shared similar sentiments, like, “Prince Louis isn’t badly behaved, he’s four. If my kid had had to sit through hours of that sh*t, without access to his tablet, he’d have burned that place to the f—ing ground.”

Another commenter shared, “Amazing how few people on Twitter seem to have spent time with an energetic 4-year-old boy before. Prince Louis’ behavior today was completely normal. Leave him be, he’s a literal CHILD.”

Frost went on to express her thoughts on Kate, saying, “I'm more impressed with how the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge continue to be such impressive parenting role models to our modern parents today, they are open about their own struggles as parents and like all parents out there continue to strive to do their very best in raising their young.”

“Catherine has never been one to shy away from publicly giving her children a fair telling off to behave and that's a sign of a confident parent who is able to hold boundaries whilst empathetically meeting her children's needs as well as understanding the circumstances. I wish every parent the confidence to understand as such so that our children may be raised, seen & heard loved with healthy boundaries,” she concluded.

Many comments agreed that, “We are all Kate,” when it comes to parenting a rowdy toddler. One Twitter user shared “I think we can all agree that Kate Middleton should teach a @MasterClass on how to control your inner rage as a parent, right?”

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