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I Went To The Viral Taylor Swift Christmas Light House & It Was A Swiftie’s Dream

Merry Swiftmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

The holiday season is officially upon us, and that is just another amazing excuse to make something about Taylor Swift that actually has little to nothing to do with her — and I am so here for it.

A house in Naperville, IL is going mega viral for their Taylor Swift Christmas light house display, and Swifties are losing their minds.

As a resident of Naperville, who actually lives a block over from this house (which should become a national monument), I can tell you from personal experience that it totally lives up to the hype.

The first time I drove by, the house wasn’t even lit up yet, but I spotted a giant Eras tour banner hanging down from the roof and adorable oversized homemade friendship bracelets on the trees outside.


We drove by the next night, and the entire place was lit up in all its Taylor Swift glory.

Put together by the Scott family, including Swiftie daughters Emily, 21, and Becca, 18, the two-story home has transformed in a Swiftie winter wonderland for the holiday season.

“We always do a big light display every year and the people love seeing what each year’s theme will be!” Becca and Emily Scott tell Scary Mommy. In the past, the family has done a Candy Land theme as well as a Toy Story theme.

“We have always been huge Taylor Swift fans growing up, so this is by far the best! The Swifties have also really helped us out this year with this one!”

Lights, music (“Love Story” and “Exile” were playing when I visited), and so many Taylor Swift inspired decorations pay tribute to the pop star's Eras Tour when you visit the home.

According to Becca, most of the decorations were made from scratch. Her dad, Brian Scott, owns a printing business, Blooming Color Inc., so all of the Swift images and signs were printed onto plastic and metal to withstand the brutal midwestern winter climate.

Katie Garrity

One of the more cheeky pieces of the display features a cut out of Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, in his #87 Kansas City Chiefs uniform. The tight end holds up a neon sign that reads, "(taylor's version)" next to an NFL emblem that says, "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs."

If you know, you know...

Another highlight of the epic display include giant versions of Swift's album covers including: her self-titled album, Speak Now, Fearless, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights.

The official Eras Tour artwork showing Swift’s nine eras takes up the entire right side of the house with a giant banner.

Towards the back of the lawn, there’s a cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift herself in her Lover era costume (plus a Santa hat) from the Eras tour as well as a neon sign that says, "Merry Swiftmas!" on top of the home’s roof.

Katie Garrity

The house also includes Swift's "A LOT GOING ON AT THE MOMENT" t-shirt as a sign, giant homemade friendship bracelets wrapped around a tree, an electric “Willow” tree and orange glass orbs (like the ones her dancers have during the Evermore set of the tour), and a light-up champagne glass because “Champagne Problems”, duh.

I took a video as we drove by, admiring the niche and timely theme, and uploaded the short clip to TikTok. Soon, the video blew up and now has over 2 million views, over 500k likes, and thousands of comments from Taylor Swift fans freaking out over the elaborate and dedicated display.

“I would drive by at least once a day for the dopamine boost.😅🥰,” one user wrote.

"I would travel hours to see this,” another joked.

“I would knock on that door and demand to be their friend lol,” another said.

Others expressed their ambitions to have a Taylor Swift Christmas-themed house one day.

“Literally me if my parents would let me,” one user said.

Another echoed, “OMG DREAM HOME!”

Katie Garrity

The owners of the home even have their own dedicated TikTok account now, @tswifthouse describing themselves as “the official account for the Taylor Swift Christmas light house! Merry Swiftmas! 💗”

Matriarch of the Scott family, Amy Scott, was the igniter for the Swiftmas theme, but in the end, she did it for her daughters.

“My daughters just love everything Taylor stands for. We had tickets for the tour this summer, but sold them to go hike the Grand Canyon instead,” she explains to Scary Mommy.

“I went to see the movie with my girlfriends and thought the whole time, ‘We could do this for our lights display.’ We put our creativity and time into the displays to bring happiness and joy to the community. And, you know, that’s what Taylor stands for. So, let’s do it!”

Then, Amy went into planning mode. She took her husband back to see the Eras Tour film for himself, and the couple diligently took notes.

“[We] had a big brainstorm session during all the songs. It was fantastic,” she says.

The Taylor Swift Christmas Light House is their vision come to life, “which is what we are sharing with all the Swifties in town,” Amy explains.

Katie Garrity

I ventured back to the house this evening (post-viral TikTok) with my four-year-old Swiftie daughter. Ever since our first encounter, she asks to go back daily.

When we arrived, 10 to 15 cars were parked along the street with dozens of people walking around the display, taking in all the Swiftmas magic. The reception for the house has been sudden and steadfast for the Scott family, but they’re just excited to have another reason to celebrate the pop singer.

“Yeah, this has been crazy!” Becca says. “We usually get quite a bit of traffic outside every year, but this year it’s been insane. We were also just on [the] news, which I never thought would have happened!”

And it’s not even December yet! Let’s just hope this incredible Swiftie family leaves these Christmas lights up until way past January! *wink wink* Also, if you go on the right night, you might find the Scott family outside, hanging with Swift fans and passing out friendship bracelets of their own.

Wanting to get the most out of this viral sensation, the Scott family started to ask visitors to donate to a local organization called Little Friends, which is a non-profit working to help empower people of all ages experiencing autism, intellectual and emotional disabilities and help their families to live, learn, work, and thrive in their communities.

By the end of 2023, the family has raised $20,558.40 for charity, surpassing their $19,890 goal! That is some true Swiftie dedication. Get this family some VIP Eras tour tickets, STAT!