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27 Mastermind-Level Gifts For Swifties This Holiday Season

You can't get them auroras and sad prose, but you can get them these.

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It’s been a big year for Swifties. In 2023 alone, Taylor Swift re-released two albums, finished the first leg of her Eras Tour, announced the second leg and the international dates, supposedly started dating Travis Kelce, and released the movie version of the Eras Tour for fans who weren’t able to attend it in real life. She’s gotten more done than the rest of the world combined, probably.

Naturally, because of all of these different events happening, merchandise available for Swifties is on the rise. Swift — who actually grew up on a Christmas tree farm — sells a lot of things on her website, including clothing, records, and more. Plus, Etsy and Amazon sellers are producing some unique Taylor Swift-inspired items for fans to grab. ‘Tis the Damn Season for giving gifts, and all of these items would be exciting for any Swiftie to open on whichever holiday they celebrate.

If you are looking for a gift for a Swiftie but aren’t a huge Swift fan yourself, you might be overwhelmed by all your options. Not to mention, it’s hard to verify if something you find online is exactly what you want it to be. Keep reading to see different Swift-related gifts that will most definitely be well received by any Swiftie.

1. Eras Tour Sweatshirt

Obviously, a lot of gift items this year are going to be Eras Tour-related — like this sweatshirt. Whether the Swiftie you’re shopping for went to the concert or not, they will love and cherish this gift because it’s comfortable, it has the Eras image on it, and one day, they can brag about having a sweatshirt from the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist.

2. T.S. Hat

This washed black hat with Swift’s initials embroidered on the front is a subtle but cute way to embrace their love of the singer.

3. A Print with Their Favorite Lyrics

If you know their favorite Taylor Swift song or lyrics, a print like this would be such a great piece of decor for their space. It’s both unique and a nod to their love of Swift’s music. This one is based on lyrics from “Bejeweled,” but this print based on “Getaway Car” is also really cool. Etsy has tons of options for these, including some that you can print for a good price and then frame or hang yourself.

4. Eras-Inspired Necklace

Another wearable and subtle nod to Swift is this necklace, which has gems representing each Eras’ color on it. It’s adorable, not too flashy, and can match different outfits.

5. Notebook Inspired by the “All Too Well” Novel

Anyone who saw the “All Too Well” (Taylor’s 10-minute version) music video will recognize this book. In the video, Swift sings about a lover who left her unexpectedly. She depicts herself as an author who wrote a book about the experience later in life — but obviously, in real life, she wrote a song about it. The cover of the book is shown in the video, and they recreated it in real life as a lined notebook.

6. Taylor’s Version Candle

This 9-oz soy wax candle may as well have been inspired by Swift’s song “Lavender Haze” — it’s white sage and lavender scented. But the message on the label will appeal to any Swiftie, no matter their favorite song.

7. NFL (Taylor’s Version) Crewneck

Ever since Swift became Travis Kelce’s rumored WAG (meaning wife or girlfriend of a high-profile athlete), people have been loving the Swift-inspired, football-related merchandise. This “Taylor’s Version” sweatshirt with the NFL logo is a great reference to the fact that Swift’s presence at Kelce’s games has caused an increase in viewership and jersey sales since she started attending games.

8. “Speak Now” Replica Cardigan

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) came out this past July, and these purple cardigans were sold on Swift’s website as a double reference to the album and to Swift’s song “Cardigan.” Although Swift’s website no longer sells these, you can get this replicated version on Amazon and Etsy — reviewers say it looks exactly like the real thing.

9. Taylor Swift Engraved Pencils

You can Swift-ify anything — even pencils. This Etsy seller has two packs of pencils with different Swift lyrics on them. It’s perfect for someone who’s still in school and needs a pencil for filling out scantrons.

10. Evermore-Inspired Notebook

A journal to go with the pencils, perhaps? This wellness journal has encouraging lyrics from Evermore on it that will remind any Swiftie that if Taylor can survive the wrath of Scooter Braun, they can get through their own hardships, too.

11. Taylor Swift Sticker Pack

This sticker pack is chock full of Taylor Swift references. These can be used to decorate a laptop case, scrapbook, or even their record case, and come with a whopping 151 stickers.

12. Friendship Bracelet Kit

Whether they’re going to a concert during the next leg of the Eras tour or just love the positivity that trading friendship bracelets brings, they’ll love this friendship-bracelet-making kit. They can put lyrics from their favorite songs on the bracelet. So cute.

13. Personalized Plaque with Their Favorite Taylor Swift Song

You can personalize this acrylic Spotify-inspired plaque with your Swiftie’s favorite song and a picture of them (with you, perhaps?). It’s an adorable decoration for their home and an ode to their top Spotify artist.

14. Stadium-Approved Clear Bags

Clear bags are the best kind of bag to bring to a concert since security is pretty strict these days. The second U.S. leg of the Eras Tour is starting next October, so your Swiftie might love a bag they can bring in with them. They can reuse it for other concerts, too. This Etsy shop sells a backpack, tote, and crossbody at individual prices.

15. A Vinyl Version of Their Favorite Album

Receiving a vinyl copy of a beloved Taylor Swift album would be so special for a Swiftie who loves to hear music on a record player. There are different versions of the Midnights album and a vinyl for nearly every album Swift has released (they’re all Taylor’s version, of course).

16. A CD Version of their Favorite Album

CD players will “never go out of style.” Young kids who aren’t old enough to have an iPhone to play Swift’s music can jam out with her CDs, which are sold on her website. If they don’t have a CD player, this one from Amazon is highly reviewed.

17. A Little Golden Book about Taylor

Remember reading stories from the “A Little Golden Book” series when you were a kid? Well, now Taylor Swift has her very own story! This is a great gift to buy for a parent-child Swiftie duo.

18. Taylor Swift Wine Glass

Any Swiftie who can appreciate a pun will love this “August” wine glass based on the song from Folklore. There are some other wine glass options as well, including one that references the lyrics “rosé flowing with your chosen family” from “The 1” and “your roommate’s cheap ass screw top rosé” from “Maroon.” If they’re more of a bourbon or whiskey drinker, this old-fashioned glass with lyrics from “getaway car” would be perfect.

19. Taylor Swift Libbey Cup

If your Swiftie is not old enough to drink wine, this Libbey glass with different renditions of Swift based on all of her Eras is so cute. While Libbey glasses are commonly used for beer, plenty of people buy them for iced coffee or soda. This similar glass, which has “Anti-Hero” lyrics on it, is another great option.

20. Fearless Era Boots

These Fearless-esque boots are perfect for a Taylor Swift costume or for any Swiftie who might be leaning into the cowgirl boot trend. They’ll match every outfit, and the reviews on Amazon say they are really comfortable.

21. Eras Tour Ornament Keepsake

This ornament is a perfect gift to commemorate the amazing time a Swiftie had at the Eras Tour. You can customize it with the date and location of the concert they attended and a picture of them at the show. This would be particularly great for a younger fan.

22. Taylor Swift Lyrics License Plate Frame

There are so many Swiftie accessories for a car, like these license frames. This bumper sticker and this air freshener, which both say “Taylor’s version” on them, will show that only Swift-owned songs get played in their vehicle.

23. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A truly creative gift for a Swiftie would be a copy of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Supposedly, the book inspired “Tolerate It,” one of the absolute saddest songs on the album Evermore and probably of all time.

24. Aesthetic Vintage Taylor Tote

This 1989-inspired canvas tote bag decorated with art of Swift (and one of her beloved cats!) is something someone could use every day. It’s the perfect size for everyday essentials or a few books. This one, which says “Taylor’s version” in the classic shopping bag “thank you” format, is also really cute.

25. Eras Tour Locations T-shirt

There are so many t-shirts on taylorswift.com from different eras and from the tour. This one has a beautiful, dramatic image of her singing tracks from Evermore during the tour. They have long-sleeved options as well.

26. Eras Tour Calendar

As any Swiftie enters their 2024 era, they’ll look forward to using this calendar to keep track of their days. It also comes with bookmarks (which maybe they could use in that copy of Rebecca recommended above).

27. Amazon E-Gift Card


Amazon has Travis + Taylor-inspired e-gift cards that you can put any amount of money on and give to a Swifite. Although they can buy whatever they want, Amazon has plenty of amazing Swiftie items, like these slippers and Croc gibbets.

Whether you order something that subtly references the singer or a piece of merchandise that literally has her face on it, the Swiftie (or Swifties) in your life will love it.

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