Dad for the win

This Dad Bought His Daughter Maxi Pads And Got It So Hilariously Wrong

After a call from mom saying their daughter got her period at school, Dad comes to save the day in a unique way.


Never give a dad instructions that leave any room for interpretation, or your orders will go awry. A video on TikTok is trending after a dad recounts getting a call from his daughter’s mother that she got her period while in school. She instructed him to get “maxi pads with wings,” and he did exactly that. Kind of.

Referring to a text from his daughter’s mom, he said, “your daughter just got her period in school,” to which he asked what he could do, and he was told to take her some pads.

“She said to get her some Always pads with some wings, so I feel like I should tell ya’ll what I did.”

He then flips the camera to show what he bought, explaining, “I got her some Always pads, and I got her some wings, but I didn’t know that’s not what she meant. She meant just the pads that had the wings. The [pads] got the wings, and she got some more wings.....yup, I f—cked up; it’s all good.”

Sitting next to the pads are a lovely container of hot wings.

I’m sorry, sir, but you did not let anyone down; you raised the bar if you ask me.

Dad was unknowingly providing the ultimate care package, and followers in the comment section are totally cheerleading his efforts, saying, “The pads will help her with her cycle and the wings is emotional support & care. Add a little note telling her that you love her,” and, “You did great!!! Next add some chocolates or her favorite snacks!”

“You overstood the assignment,” one clever viewer quipped.

Having a dad that talks openly about periods and is there to support his kid is amazing, and followers made sure this dad understood that a little goes a long way. “and You got her the right pads and some food??? Oh, she’s winning. Good job, dad.”

Kudos to this dad for supporting his teen and also sharing this hilarious video to show other first-time dads what to do.